Rain’s thanks inside of his new special album…

… are quite heartfelt.  For those of you who already have their CD, and those of you who will have yours soon, here is a translation of what is inside your Back To The Basic cover manual. — Stephe ^@@^

(credit: Benamoo / brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu. / album images: rakota @rainHK)


Thank my father and my sister and my late mother, who are my one and only family and have silently looked after me. I love all of you.

‘Jo Dong-Won’ Hyung who has helped me and been my friend since my debut. I love you, Hyung!

President ‘Hong Seung-Seong’ who has always treated me like his own son. Director ‘Goo Tae-Won’ who has been ever the same since my boyhood. Thank both of you.

‘Ock Kuen’ Hyung who is a big shot in the advertising world. Thank you.

‘Cheol Hoon’ Hyung who always understands my mind. I feel safe as long as you stay with me.

‘Tae Wan’ Hyung, sorry to eat up your time, even though you are enjoying your newly married life. Thank you.

‘Seong Tack’ Hyung, thank you as always for standing by me in joy and sorrow.

And, our choreography team! ‘Soo Bong’ Hyung, ‘Kyung Ryul’ Hyung, ‘Jae Hong’ Hyung, ‘Kyu Sang’ Hyung, ‘Yong Deock’ Hyung, ‘Yong Hyun’ Hyung. Thank you for your hard work last year, and I appreciate your help and encouragement again this year.

Dear ‘Dong Joon’ Hyung, I acknowledge that you are better than everyone else as a paparazzi!

Miss ‘Young Shil’, you’ve been up at night working. It would be a lot worse if I didn’t have the support of friends like you. Thank you!

Miss ‘Hyun Young’, you’re always very busy. I know you have a lot of work. I want to do you to right your favor somehow.

Cute ‘Bo Ram’, lets just be friends. Thank you.

‘Kyung Ho’, let’s work together forever, OK? I’m telling you.

Mr. ‘Jung Ho’ who has left J.Tune Entertainment. Thank you for your helping and your good work during your time with J.Tune Entertainment.

And, thank all the workers for J.Tune Entertainment.

Dear, ‘Lee Jae-Yun’, thank you again for helping writing whenever I need help.

Director ‘Lee Sang-Kyu’, thank you for your doing a good job even though you went to a lot of trouble to plan music video because my schedule was unexpectedly changed.

Miss ‘Seon Howa’, you finally come to get married. I hope you to bring a pretty baby into the world, and thank you.

Dear ‘Hye Jeong’ who is the same age as I am. I love you. I love ‘Yun Jeong’ too.

Mr. ‘Deock Young’ and Mr. ‘Han Kyu’ who ensure my safety. Thank you.

My friend ‘Kwang Min’ who will become a super star. Thank you as always for being with me.

I want to thank all of my friends, especially Mr. ‘Je Dong’, who likes to go climbing and has helped me every time I need a hand.

‘Tae Hyun’ Hyung who is my emotional anchor, ‘Kye Sang’ Hyung who has treated me as his own brother, ‘Tae Woo’ Hyung who just rattles on and on, ‘Il Kwon’ Hyung and cute ‘Yong Bae’ Hyung who are far away from me, ‘Seung Won’ Hyung who hurts too, as if my suffering was his own, Miss ‘Woo Hyun’ and Miss ‘Yang Young-Sim’, both of you had better get married soon, Nice guy ‘Seung Hwi’ Hyung, Miss ‘Myung Joo’ who is like our mom, ‘Seong Hyun’ Hyung who is older than I, but seems to be my friend.

‘Ho Sang’ Hyung who had spent so much time with me. Please be healthy!

I’d like to see ‘Seong Hyun’ Hyung, ‘Kyo Min’ Hyung, ‘Sang Jin’ Hyung, and Frankie.

Miss ‘Yu Jin’ who has always asked me to mention her name, Director ‘Park Chan-Wook’ who always gives advice about work to me, my best assistant ‘Kim Kyung-Hee’ who is a dramatist, Director ‘Pyo Min-Soo’ who teaches me an important lesson, Producer ‘Noh Seong-Il’ and director ‘Jang Jae-Hyuk’ and many other staffs who organized the best performances for me last year, ‘Yong Se’ Hyung and Miss ‘Yu Jin’ who have been my strength when I’m weak, and Team leader ‘Kim Bo-Joon’ who has worked with me over the past four years. Thank all of you.

Finally, MBLAQ who has been hard at work on your next album, I count on you so don’t let me down.


Vice president ‘Lee Mi-Kyung’ who treats and loves me like her own son, thank you.

President ‘Lee Jae-Hyun’ who always looks good, thank you.

President ‘Sin Young-Ja’ who always watches from the sidelines as my assistant and helps me, thank you.

Dear Mr. ‘Choi Young-Soo’, thank you for your kindness, and I want to extend my congratulations on the marriage of your daughter.

Miss ‘Seong Joo’ who always helps me as my assistant, thank you.

‘Kye Sang’ Hyung, thank you as always for helping me.

Dear ‘Han Ye-Seul’, thanks to your help, I’m happy to see this MV being completed to my satisfaction. I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart.

Finally, I dedicate this album to my Cloud (his fan) who will be with me forever and to the memory of my late mother.

~ by Cloud USA on April 9, 2010.

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