KBS says Rain’s Love Song video inappropriate for broadcast.

"Uh... seriously?"

NOT because of the supposedly “erotic” (wow, was it ever) scene where Rain and Han Ye-Seul lay in bed doing absolutely nothing…  NOT because of the scene where Rain’s fully clothed character hovered suggestively close over Ye-Seul’s fully clothed character as she lay stretched out on a bed…

KBS deems the Love Song video inappropriate for broadcast on their channel because of Rain’s disregard for traffic regulations by sprinting wildly across the road during the beginning of said video.

It did occur to us to check the date to make sure April Fools’ Day hadn’t come back around.  We… don’t know what else to say, so we’ll just wait around a little while for someone to admit that this announcement was an elaborate joke. 😡

» You can read allkpop’s article on this incredibly inane subject matter HERE.

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on April 9, 2010.

6 Responses to “KBS says Rain’s Love Song video inappropriate for broadcast.”

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  3. Absolutely and utterly ridiculous. I don’t know what else to say.

    Terri :-}


  4. OMG haha, they can’t honestly be serious, this has to be some kinda joke. i would never of imagined it would be the running up the road scene lol


  5. and btw, is this what they consider WILD SPRINTING!!! oh my goodness, TO FUNNY. cause it looks like purposful, directed running to me. or maybe i’m seeing things. AND WHY, always after the fact. the “magic stick” issue, Rain had taken his music to the censoring board before it was released, they passed it, until netizens started implying sexual conotations. they then banned it. me, i don’t get.


  6. KBS, hahaha sometimes i think they create issues for their own purposes. they seem to love to stay on Rain’s case. i remember when they accused him of lip-singing, and had their message board and telephones crash because viewers set their phones on fire and in messages to correct them. they had to apologize. then when Rain had his 1st concert in Vagas, some Koreans flew to the US, tried to cross the border and got caught, they had Rain’s face all over their tv news. calls again from Koreans telling KBS “it wasn’t Rain’s fault” and stop using his photo, hahaha he just can’t win with this State owned tv station. now, if my memory serves me correctly wasn’t there a prior article that said the shooting scene was barricaded off and closed to the public?? and that police had a strong presence there. yeah, i’ll really have to wait and see where this is going. darn, i was just resting up from my Rain trip, hahaha KBS!!! oh, my.


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