RAINY DAY Season 2, episode 9.

[ *ETA: Very brief English translation has been provided by rain bird of rain-eu.  We thank her! ]

Asia broadcast 4/3.  The continuation of last week’s fun fan meeting, and believe it or not, it gets even more fun.  Things continue to go awry, and you know how it is when Rain gets really tickled—it’s darn near impossible for him to stop laughing.  His dance crew is no help—if anything, they make the problem worse.  A possible subtitle for this episode could be “Rain Comes Undone.”  Haha. 🙂  —  Stephe ^@@^

(Japanese subtitles only; stay tuned for English subs.  Courtesy of ratoka.)

Thanks to the concern all of you have shown… Such opportunities, as I was selected as the representative of Korea in many fields, and as I was interviewed with the leading media including CNN, etc., seem to come to me.

While waiting around at airports, I usually listen to music or read magazines or enjoy looking around.  By the way, I feel angry and I’d like to rip those pictures and throw them away, when there are Lotte DFS pictures that don’t show me around airports… but otherwise, I feel so good and am in good condition.   (The audience burst into a laugh at his joke)

[ *Yeah, I would be disturbed too if the media made it look like I just magically appeared everywhere without any effort at all, as if I had it easy…  Stephe ^@@^ ]

I hope you are always healthy and happy, and that you will love my Ninja Assassin and MBLAQ a lot.  I plan to hold my concert in Japan as quickly as possible.

~ by Cloud USA on April 3, 2010.

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