Rain Check.

[ *ETA: We’ve all been gushing about the spectacular Love Song MV visuals, but honestly… the song itself and the underlying music are what truly stun our senses. Sheer brilliance. ]

RAIN ON TOP. Asian news source Osen has reported that Rain’s Back To The Basic title track “The Song To Make You Want To Stay” (널 붙잡을 노래, romanized: Neol Bootjabul Norae) is on top of all the music charts—Melon, Mnet, Dosirack, Cyworld, Hanteo and others—three days after release. The newly released music video is also a hit.

Is anyone surprised by that?  Not at all.  Personally, I cannot wait to dance around the room to the “Hip Song.”


HE’S ALWAYS DATED WITH MARRIAGE IN MIND. Asian source Daily Sports has reported that, during the April 1st pre-recording for the upcoming KBS talk show “Seung Seung Jan Goo” (or Win Win, On the Up and Up, or Keep On Rolling), Rain had quite a confession to make. “I’ve had four girlfriends so far. I always dated with marriage in mind.  My first love was in high school; after that, I was formally introduced, before my debut, to a woman who was a model. After my debut, there were two more girlfriends—I was thrilled to work with a woman whom I had loved long before my debut.”

When asked what that woman’s name was, he cleverly said that he would answer that question if he appeared on the show a second time. ( 😀 Well, they’ll never see him again! Ha!)

Rain continued: “When my song ‘The Way To Avoid The Sun’ was out, a lot of female stars asked me out on dates by saying, Why don’t we have dinner together sometime? I didn’t realize what they meant [because they were so subtle]. Now that I think of it, they were pretty nervous and brave when they asked me out.”

When asked about his most thrilling date, he responded: “I vividly remember that the day we first met, I carried her on my back [piggy back ride, a gesture of great affection or getting someone out of harm’s way]. I had to have dates inside of cars, when what I really wanted was to walk holding her hand in front of everyone, without anyone recognizing us.”

Rain’s advice for guest Woo Young of 2PM? “Always remember that the woman you’re supposed to marry is right around you, close by.”

I personally have always heard that is true. While we’re peering and squinting into the distance, searching for that special someone, usually they’re right there, in your face.

—Stephe ^@@^

(article credit: Osen & Daily Sports.  Thanks to rain bird @Rain-eu. for the original translations of these articles. The loose translation and commentary here are my own.)

~ by Cloud USA on April 3, 2010.

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