Something’s being released. We’re not sure what.

Word on the street is… J.Tune is going to be putting something else out there at 2 PM on April 2nd, Korea time (a half an hour from now, our time).  Their press release is translated as stating:

“The Song To Make You Want To Stay (Neol Bootjabul Norae), the title track for [Rain’s] special album, will be prereleased as of 2pm today (April 2nd) on Gom TV.”

The full Love Song audio track has already been released, so it can’t be that… There is also mention, in the press release title, of an erotic bed scene that Rain has included in the music video, and so, with this “visual” reference, could it be that the thing to be released is the long-awaited Love Song music video itself?  I suppose we’ll just have to see.  It’s not like we have long to wait.

— Stephe ^@@^ 12:34 am EST

P.S.: We’re talking Korea here, so these sweet, loving pictures are probably about as “erotic” as anything is going to get.  As you all remember, the censors banned references to the Magic Stick, even though it was a CANE.  (Yes, it did a lot of “twirling inside” of things, and we’re certainly smart enough to paint our own metaphoric image in our minds, but whatever.)  I’m just saying.  Don’t get all excited—yet.

(image source: rain-cloud / ashes / rakota

~ by Cloud USA on April 2, 2010.

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