[Cloud USA important notice] Leaked photos.

This just in from The Cloud on behalf of J.Tune Entertainment, to all Kpop blogs and websites (original translation by nycuckoo @RainLegend):

Images from Rain’s special album Back To The Basic have been leaked by an overseas website.  Please note: If any information is not specifically released by J.Tune authorized media press or official notices, then it has been stolen by spy news organizations.  The images are already widespread, but please don’t upload them to your websites.  If they have already been uploaded, please kindly delete them.  Many people have worked hard for this album, and the media release time line is imperative to the success of this project.

Let us do our best to avoid information leaks for the sake of the album, Rain, and the fans.  Thank you.

Apparently, this notice is specifically talking about the two “Love Song” picture compilations that were sourced from BaiDu (they are tagged as being from JTune_Rain_Cafe).  Clouds, we didn’t know they were leaked and I have immediately taken the three posted on this WebBlog down, because it is the right thing to do.  The ones on our home page will be removed as soon as possible (Terri is at an event and won’t return until this evening).  If you have uploaded them, please do the same until J.Tune gives everyone the okay.  (One of our posts in particular is unique and can be directly attributed to Cloud USA; I am asking you not to use it until J.Tune says we can all re-post.)

Thanks!  — Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on March 27, 2010.

4 Responses to “[Cloud USA important notice] Leaked photos.”

  1. yeah, you’re right cloudusa. who knows this could be apart of the marketing plan, hohohoho, kekeke, hahahaha
    i’m just saying…’

    fans will take them down, but, the images are still in our minds and we’ll be waiting, impatiently to see what they plan on doing with the pics they had everybody remove from their sites, right?


  2. Yeah, stopping media leaks is like trying to stop Niagara Falls. It’s just impossible. But I am kind of surprised, with how precise this marketing campaign has been so far, that J.Tune blinked and it happened now, at almost the eleventh hour. Ah, those amazing pics… what a bummer. 😦

    Seeing as the pics are all over the place the way they are now, seems J.Tune would turn to a Plan B instead of trying for damage control that’s pretty much ineffective. Gah.

    Stephe ^@@^


  3. i don’t know what they can do to stop leaks. the photos have spread like wild fire. i guess fans will just have to check his official site’s to confirm before they post going forward.

    sorry for JTune, but this is exciting stuff to us. (seriously, i am sorry for them, hope they find a better way to secure the material)


  4. oooooooo darn leakages happen so often these days, don’t think i used one but i shall check.


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