Rain Showcase.

Rain plans to revolutionize us all in a way that will probably wipe our minds clean of the previous eras in his career… so we should enjoy some wonderful past and present stuff NOW, while there is still time. 🙂  — ^@@^

A 3/25 newscast in Asia reports Rain’s three GPMA wins (he wasn’t there because, as dates indicate, he was shooting the new BTTB music drama film).  Courtesy of rakota 5.


Fan made video of Rain’s scenes in France from » Fort Boyard (the Korean version) 2003. (I swear, the things Rain has accomplished with his competitive spirit… the man is beyond INCREDIBLE.  There’s nothing he can’t do.  He just about gave me a heart attack here!)  Courtesy of miuseNaBi.


From October 2004, “11 Days” from Rain’s 3rd album showcase.  (What a voice! That husky tone sounds like he’s been drinking straight whiskey for a week.)  Courtesy of miuseNaBi.


Fan made, “I”/Nan.  Get ready to feel shivers, courtesy of 2005rain.

~ by Cloud USA on March 25, 2010.

One Response to “Rain Showcase.”

  1. OMG OMG OMG some amazing vidos here – and WOW i did not realise Rain had been on Fort Boyard – i didn’t even realise korea had a version haha used to watch our version when it was on. He did some awesome challenges Go Rain 😀 hehe


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