Ninja Assassin goes Dutch.

Ninja Assassin‘s Dutch DVD cover.   — Stephe ^@@^


(NA articles in Dutch periodicals.  Credit and brief translation: eunkyung @rain_on_us, LiveJournal, 12/3/2009)

He is already a sensation in Asia, But the South-Korean singer is also ready to break into Hollywood. Ninja Assassin is his second movie outside Asia. But this is his first leading role. And you can do it the best in combination with lots of blood?

RAIN: This is unique because it’s so bloody. I love bloody. I’m not worried. I will have more fans after this movie. 😀

You have a lot of confidence, are you going to make it in Hollywood?

RAIN: Regarding Asia and Hollywood, I’m going to concentrate on both.

Was the training for this movie heavy?

RAIN: I have trained for 8 months long, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. It was horrible. I only ate chicken breast and vegetables, salmon and protein. But it is my big chance, so I did my best. How could I say no to this?

What are your plans for the future?

RAIN: I want to do everything, comedy, romance, horror [in Asia and in Hollywood].

And more martial arts movies?

RAIN: Sure. I love Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li. But I’m so powerful and fast, and younger and more handsome then they are—I’m just kidding. Don’t tell Jackie Chan that I said that, please. 😀

[I’m sure Jackie Chan just cracked up! LOL — Stephe ^@@^]


[small summary] Rain is a remarkable choice for this movie. Rain is often too sweet and too much fun, so much that sometimes that it’s hard to identify him with his other character, the bloody killer. A little confusing, but it’s not Rain’s fault. The greatest pop star from Asia has a shiny future ahead of him in Hollywood.

~ by Cloud USA on March 25, 2010.

One Response to “Ninja Assassin goes Dutch.”

  1. I Love Rain’s sense of Humour its AWESOME, he’s AWESOME and so sweet bless him *smile* hehe, the jackie chan comment is pure gold – thanks for posting the interview and to the person who translated it 😀


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