Rain Check.

Asian news source Korean Economy has reported that Rain, who already models for Lotte, has been selected for a brand new ad campaign along with renowned cellist Song Young-Hoon. Lotte has stated that Rain and Song Young-Hoon will appear in the television commercials and advertising for a new sale beginning on April 2nd. The concept will be “classical music meets pop music.”  The new contract is for one year.

(Original translation: rain bird.  Thanks to Rain Europe for this info.)

This sounds like a wonderful combination to us.  I wonder if this is the young man they are referring to:

» See Song Young-Hoon on the Korean Music Foundation HERE.

(Song Young-Hoon, courtesy of bikeholy)


Asian news sources Daily Hankook and Economy Today are reporting that the countdown to the next phase of Rain’s singing and stage career has definitely begun since his album jacket has been released, and the premise behind this new album—as the teaser suggests—seems to be strong, masculine sex appeal.

Rain’s extreme, unexpected makeover marks him as a real trend-setter. His image has been completely tailored to his new music concept, and J.Tune has boldly stated that something that will shock us has yet to be revealed.  More than fifty percent of the words and music of all five songs on the mini-album have been written by Rain himself.

Rain was quoted as saying: “For this comeback, I’ve lost about 10 kilos of the weight I gained after Ninja Assassin. The way I will dance and perform will be on an entirely different level than what I’ve done up to now, and I hope you will fall in love with it.”

Word is, Rain’s official site crashed for a little while because it was so overwhelmed when the BTTB teaser hit, and passed the 100K mark for simultaneous log-ins 12 hours after the release.  Special album Back To The Basic will be revealed on and offline on April 1, and Rain will return to the Music Bank (KBS) stage for a performance on April 2.

(Original translation: rain bird.  And thanks again, Rain Europe.)

We still have yet to be shocked?  Oh, my goodness!  As if anticipating Back To The Basic on Music Bank isn’t enough. 😉

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on March 24, 2010.

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