Back To The Basic is pre-selling like hotcakes.

Yeah.  Word on the street is over 30,000 copies have been pre-ordered since the BTTB teaser clip hit two days ago.  We can dig that. — ^@@^ 8:46 pm EST

BTTB teaser (courtesy of Rakota5)


Fan made BTTB.  (courtesy of yoraism)  Do you sense a pattern here?  People seem to like Rain in pinks—Cosmo Men “pinked” him up too back at the beginning of the month, remember?  Doesn’t bother me—I’m good with it.

~ by Cloud USA on March 24, 2010.

3 Responses to “Back To The Basic is pre-selling like hotcakes.”

  1. this is real good news, just what JTune and Rain hoped for, i’m sure. btw, cloudusa go to rainlistings’ blog page and click on Works for Rain listed under GOO Blogs (Japan). tell me what you think after you view the page.


    • LOL Oh my word, busybee!

      I think that Rain is so smart, it’s scary. He is completely tuned into what has worked in the past, what works now, and what will probably work in the future. Axl Rose… wow.

      Is this a Japanese page? (my translator isn’t doing much with it, but that’s what my eyes say)

      I want to steal this comparison hahahaha…. What do YOU think?

      Stephe ^@@^


    • I should have said “borrow” this comparison–I didn’t mean it like that!

      Stephe ^@@^


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