Speculation: What Asia concert tour?

A 3/23/2010 article in Star News today reports (and I paraphrase) that Rain plans to secretly combine the shooting of a TV drama with his concert tour,  a move which is attracting the entertainment industry’s interest.  Officials in the entertainment world have stated that this drama will be filmed throughout Asia and be intertwined with Rain’s Asia Tour concert to be held in June.

Rain is concerned because he doesn’t want news about the drama to overshadow his brand new album and stage performances with the public.  In the meantime, agents are diligently trying to figure out what the drama will be and what actress will work with him it in.

(source: Star News, original translation: rain bird @rain-eu.  Thanks to Indulging In Rain’s World for this information.)

» Clouds who read Hangul can see the original article on Naver HERE.

If this is true, well… it’s not so “secret” anymore.

And the obvious question is WHAT Asia concert tour in June?  The picture accompanying the original article is the Back To The Basic Special Album jacket.

Huh? —Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on March 23, 2010.

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