Rain’s Special Album 30sec teaser: Back To The Basic.

[ *ETA: If necessary, pause the video at the beginning and let it buffer all the way before playing.  Glam Rock with a heavy dose of animal magnetism/punk on the side, as we thought.  Rain fan Hervil, in the Philippines, sees it as emo-punk /vampirish. Tell me this man isn’t hot, hot, HOT! ]

At exactly 11 am EST (12 midnight tomorrow in Seoul), I clicked over to Rain’s Official Website, and instead of Rain coming in a door and dancing up a storm, I saw this:

The application only ran in Internet Explorer, and there was a plug-in you had to download as well.  Seeing as I am unable to upload my downloaded copy to the WebBlog right away (darn it, WordPress), I give you the one that gracious Rain fan thuhang @YouTube has posted for our viewing pleasure.  Enjoy, Clouds! 

— Stephe ^@@^ 11:25 am EST

~ by Cloud USA on March 22, 2010.

4 Responses to “Rain’s Special Album 30sec teaser: Back To The Basic.”

  1. Girls!

    I was at work when I made the mistake of watching the teaser. What a big mistake THAT was.

    (Stephe, don’t you DARE tell anyone what I sounded like on the phone when I called you immediately after.)

    Terri :-}


  2. I am about to pass out wondering how he’s going to move to that great beat.

    Like purplezest… *THUD* Hahahaha

    Stephe ^@@^


  3. wow, even his voice seems to have a different pitch, rigth?

    the beat, is bumping. i’m real interested to hear the entire thing and see what he does with the dance moves to this music.
    “THE SONG TO CAPTURE YOU”, has caught me, hahaha


  4. OMG just epic, eeeeeeeeeee i can’t wait 😀 iv watched the video around 16 times now hehe, sounds and looks great – i want it now hehe can’t wait 😀


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