Back to the Basic: What is he thinking?

It was the title of Rain’s upcoming special album that first took me aback.  I mean after all, the phrase in English is actually “back to the basics,” with an “s.”  Basics should be pluralized.  Or at least, if he is going for proper English, then it should be.

I wondered if the title was a mistranslation, or if there was there some deep, hidden meaning to the “back to the basic” without an “s”?  Was there some musical, philosophical, political, or philanthropic connotation that perhaps I just wasn’t getting?

Ah well.  Maybe we’ll find out when the album drops.  Or maybe we won’t.  Either way, it doesn’t really matter, because if that is what Rain wants to call his special album, then hey, we Clouds are up with that.

What we DO love about the cover:

• Rain close up. Rain from any angle is delicious, but close up, he’s to die for.

• His hair. There’s something visceral about that long, tousled hair, something that makes us want to run our fingers through it.  Wah.

• The airbrushed eyelashes. With the touch of a brush, you are no longer his viewer.  You are his prey.  Très steam punk and a nice, nice touch to what would otherwise be a simple portrait in black and white.

We can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us with the music.  Go Rain.

Terri  :-}

P.S. And Stephe’s response to my question?  She thinks that Rain is thinking that we will be turned on…and we are.  :-}


Hello, Clouds! Stephe here with a bit of information: J.Tune has stated that massive amounts of telephone calls and flooded Internet message boards—since the announcement of the release of Rain’s 정지훈 Special Album—was what prompted them to allow fans to pre-order. Back To The Basic will be released on April 1st and captures Rain’s earliest passions and emotions, which remain from the journey he has traveled as 비.  (article source: Asia Economy / original translation: rain bird @Rain Europe.  Thank you, Ashes, for this information!)

There are online websites where we might be able to order the special album here in the US.  We are investigating, and will bring those to you pronto.

Oh, my…! WE LOVE THIS NEW COVER, RAIN.  It takes us back to your past and has a wild, uncontrollable feel, as if you are about to leap upon us.  You are a very dangerous man. 😉 — ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on March 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Back to the Basic: What is he thinking?”

  1. Ash, I have a strong feeling that Terri’s going to bring it up to him. Just call it a hunch. 😉

    Stephe ^@@^


  2. can’t wait!!! but i do think that it was a grammatical error.
    hmm… someone should ask him just in case so that if it wasn’t intentional he still has time to change it


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