Rain Check: From drought to flood in one day.

The headline: RAIN RETURNING TO KOREAN SOAP OPERA THIS FALL.  Where: The SHOUTcast Radio Blog.  The quote: “Most recently, I have done many roles that has been serious and intense. So hopefully, in the next drama or film, I want to show my more sympathetic and caring side for the fans.”  Our reaction: Excitement!  » You can read the SHOUTcast Radio Blog article HERE.


The headline: RAIN SPILLS THE BEANS ON HIS AND MBLAQ’S COMEBACKS.    Where: Kpoplive.com…  The quote: “This upcoming album…will include some special tracks that I kept secret in the past, but I would like to show them off now.  MBLAQ’s new single from their second album will be coming out soon. Please give [J. Tune’s] idols a lot of love as they come back this April and May. I’d like it if we can enjoy that time happily.”  Our reaction:  More excitement!  And a bit of confusion.  All of these reports from Asian sources Naver and Newsen are back to saying Rain’s special mini-album drops on April 1st, when not two weeks ago, on the Lotte 30th Anniversary concert stage, it was quoted out of his own mouth to the audience that he said May 1st, due to unforeseen delays.  So… which is it?  Which translation from Hangul to English is the correct one?  Or do things keep changing on J.Tune’s end?  » You can read the Kpoplive article HERE.


The headline: RAIN WILL PARTICIPATE IN CINEMATIC 3D ANIMATION “FULL HOUSE.”   Where: The sixtofive1982 Blog.  Additional scoop: MBLAQ will take part in the OST (theme song and such).  Our reaction: Surprise.  Full House, animated.  Lee YoungJae and Han JiEun as cartoons.  Okay…  We can’t quite picture it, but… okay.  »  You can read the sixtofive1982 post HERE.


~ by Cloud USA on March 16, 2010.

3 Responses to “Rain Check: From drought to flood in one day.”

  1. pls check the latest message from rain in official J-tune website, Apri 01st should be the correct date if according rain’s personal and official announcement in J-Tune in Mar15!! ^___^

    http://www.rain-jihoon.com/fromr … amp;field=&word


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