Rain dissed twice in 2008.

Seriously.  We already blew a gasket about » this pathetic behavior during the Speed Racer era… and now, to find out that People Magazine did it too?

» Read this post on the Racialicious blog—This Is Not Rain, People—from May 2008.  And shake your head in wonder.  Did anyone have the Internet, or use it?

One more time: Rain and other talented people who come to the US to entertain us and spread goodwill should be given the same amount of care and consideration as American celebrities.  Because they are not as well known here, or not American, is no excuse for substandard treatment.

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on March 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “Rain dissed twice in 2008.”

  1. yeah, we bombared People’s mag. e-mail address when this happened and posted comment after comment from all over on their board. it was the most out landish thing. especially since Rain had been in their mag. in 2006 (i believe) as one of the Most Beautiful People. we wanted to know how they couldn’t know him? but, i will go a little farther than this just to show the subtleness of racism. we have all watched USA pop singers go to Korea, right?
    just recently Rihanna. (Paris Hilton, Black eyes Peas, Usher, Beyonce’ John Legend etc. just to name a few)…no one demands they had to speak Korean and they never tried to (not even to say hello to the people), some of them offended the media there by having them wait more than an hour for press conf., when asked if they knew certain Korean singers, they said no. but, always, always they are welcomed with warmth and acceptance. (i believe one so far has shown their respect and that’s Paris) but this attitude with US singers gets right under my skin. they are just to BIG HEADED. they need to realize that talent is a FREE Gift to be shared among the people, not as if they are above others.


  2. OMG…. Im speechless, in did, maybe all the Asains look alike… But this? I really think that some scrud this up!!


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