“I feel like if we did date someone, we’d be dead.”

That was Lee Joon’s (MBLAQ) opinion during the Boys’ appearance on the show Shin Dong Yup’s 300 yesterday, after the group had revealed, “Rain allows us to meet girls and have contact with them. He says he’d rather us not date anyone but he asked us to tell him if we had someone we started to love.”  (source: allkpop)

Usually we don’t report stories like this, because… well, to tell the truth, they tend to sound rather silly.  But this one hit me a little differently.

First of all, I don’t doubt it’s true. 🙂  Anyone with a lock on Rain’s personality, temperament, and the hard work he’s done on his own career all of these years knows with absolute certainty that he is deadly serious about MBLAQ not only being a success, but respected and scandal-free.  Being a boss and mentor is a lot more important to the Boys’ careers than him being their friend.  Secondly, I happen to agree.  Really cute Kpop girls + MBLAQ’s fresh young hormones (already in overdrive) = Disaster Waiting To Happen.  The Boys have plenty of time for out of control love later—they should get their futures secured first.  They’re already going to have a gazillon fake scandals pinned on them… they don’t need any that they truly caused themselves.

Just my buck-50.  Do you agree?  Or disagree?  Why?

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on March 15, 2010.

6 Responses to ““I feel like if we did date someone, we’d be dead.””

  1. I agree too. after the 2 Pm fiasco its just better to be morally sound than have scandal after scandal hit the headlines. They will do well under Rain’s leadership…but cant wait for their album to come out….I miss them!


  2. @gloriday, i really couldn’t agree u more. just say i don’t know when asked something about your boss. or better yet, just say you have to ask him personally.


  3. Yes, Rain is living proof as to what works and doesn’t work in a Kpop career. He’s cut a pretty reliable pattern for success, and so MBLAQ should be smart enough to follow it. Those Boys go through a lot being under him and I know it’s probably pretty physically and mentally hard on them at times (not to mention the stress of having to live up to his name and all), but on the flip side, they are FORTUNATE as heck and have doors opened for them that other young Kpoppers don’t, by virtue of who their boss is.

    So, MBLAQ, keep your focus, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, and like gloriday said, stop revealing anything and everything that goes on in J.Tune Camp.

    Stephe ^@@^


  4. i totally agree. Rain knows that any serious relationship will cause diversion with these boys development. they need to stay focused and not allow interferrance. not to mention there is simply no control when those harmones start jumping, hahaha
    i hope they listen and follow his example and advice. hope these boys understand what Rain means when he says “you have to sacrifice one thing for another.”


  5. Im agree. I do believe that the reason why they are in the entertaiment business is for one reason. It is ok to see girls and go out with them but media can create amazings stories that inicially start as a lie and then with some time turns into a reality.
    So yes… Go out with girls but stay focus in ur future. I see Rain as a Father for those guys and he really cares about them and try to make something good of them. So, dont miss the opportunity to have someone like him as mentor.


  6. These boys should stop saying things that will make their boss look bad.Anyway, its for their own good.They should establish themselves first and be successful…Girls are plenty and everywhere!!!


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