“Rain Is Coming” is back. Halleluia!

We lost this a while back, when it was abruptly removed from its source… but now it is BACK.  The MBC Special: Rain Is Coming, English subtitled.  Watch it as soon as you can manage, as it could be snatched up again at any time!  This is an AMAZING account of Rain’s Ninja Assassin journey—and the events that followed—that we had absolutely no chance of seeing on our televisions here in the States.  That we’ve been able to watch it at all has been a blessing.  This is one of the Fabulous Four Documentaries that are a must-see for all Clouds, the others being Discovery Channel’s Hip Korea, Rain’s extensive interview by Shin Hae-Chul, and the Slap-Knee Shaman show on Golden Fishery.

Here is Part 1, courtesy of ioconion.  We have once again linked the entire documentary (Parts 1 thru 7) in over on our Documentaries & Interviews page.  Everyone, enjoy! — Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on March 12, 2010.

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