Is he, or isn’t he?

A 3/10 story from the Asian source Daily Hankook is circulating the Internet.  The gist of it is that, between tearing up the stage at Yoyogi National Stadium with Legend of Rainism, and all the preparation still to be done for Rain’s May mini-album release, that it will practically be Raining in Japan and Korea at the same time in April.  The thing that raises a question, though, is this: Everywhere the article is reported, a part of the final sentence is highlighted, as if to bring special attention to it…  

“Rain’s Asia Tour has been done in Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, and Indonesia, and it has been known that he is under consideration of extending its run by the continued request of his foreign fans.” 

This could mean something significant, or absolutely nothing.  Only time will tell.


We have come upon two articles so far about Rain being attached to the Warner Bros. remaking of the » 1975 Sydney Pollack film, The Yakuza.  (Sadly, both write-ups were negative in nature, and we shake our heads in wonder that the first thing out of people’s mouths always has to be bad.  At least WE wait until something does suck before just assuming it’s going to.)  News of this Hollywood neo-noir gangster remake first came out a few years ago—seems the film has been in various stages since then.  We don’t know if this is true, if Rain is indeed signed up to bring the Takakura Ken role back to life.  (After all, people are still talking about how he’s definitely going to do Awaken the Dragon, when in fact that film lost its director a year ago and is not happening!)  But Takakura Ken would be a magnificent character for him to play.   With his acting range, Rain would knock that role out of the ballpark.

This is one piece of speculation that we certainly hope is true. 🙂

» Read Rain Attached to Warner Bros. Remake of The Yakuza HERE.  And » Read Rain To Star in Remake of Pollack’s The Yakuza HERE.  Incidentally, we chimed in on the first article, when it was apparent that statements about Rain needed to be addressed. 

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on March 10, 2010.

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