More of Rain translated from the Lotte concert.

This was during that long talk towards the end of the show, when Rain was playing with the audience (see the fan cam in our previous post).  Thank you so, so much for posting this translation, Ashes @Indulging In Rain’s World.


(Brief translation by Cuckoo.  Source: rain-cloud.)  First of all, he said in Japanese, “Hello, long time no see, there are many fans here today, thanks for coming. Today is Lotte Duty Free’s 30th anniversary. Congratulations, Lotte Family…  Oh! Today, I have a big issue. I think you guys have already seen my colorful underwear.”

Some fans screamed loud, “You look cool today!”

Then Rain said, “Yes, I know, no need to scream.  Now, I am working on my new special album. Many people really care about me and come for love. Where are 50(ish)?”  A group of fans screamed in response.  Rain pointed at them and laughed, “You gals are lying, you are only 30(ish).”  Then he asked, “where are 40ish… 30ish… 20ish… 10ish?”

He asked if he looks good today.  Fans said “Yes.”  He laughed and said, “Of course you would say that, because you are my fans.”

“As you know, I am working on special album. It will release in May.”  Some Korean fans, surprised, said “May?”  Rain answered, “This special album is a gift for Chinese, Korean and Japanese fans.  Songs are really good, MV is also very expected.  I will wear glasses to sing songs. It is different from the 5th album because I gain weight.  Korean fans responded, “No!”  Then he sang the next song…


I thought those first few sentences were in Japanese!  I’m glad to know I wasn’t going senile or something.  Soooo.  Getting the special album together is probably taking longer than expected.

Rain is so good at teasing people with that sense of humor of his, he simply cracks us up.  “Yes, I know [I look cool], no need to scream.”  LOL  And how awesome is it that he tries to acknowledge ALL of his fans, regardless of their age?  We love that.  What a guy!  The special album having no English songs doesn’t bother me—it stands to reason that that difficult a job would take much longer to finish, like say… October? 🙂  “It is different from the 5th album because I gain weight.”  Hmm… does everyone remember the picture we posted a few entries back, the one with the red shirt, faded jeans to his knees, white sneakers, and… glasses?  He was looking mighty thick, juicy, and delicious there, wasn’t he?  Hmm.  Just wondering…  — Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on March 7, 2010.

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