Rain is being stolen left and right!

The Daily Hankook is reporting that bunches of illegally copied Ninja Assassin DVDs are circulating the worldwide market, with their titles altered.  (We are not surprised.)  The damage caused by this copyright infringement is expected to be huge.

Distributor Warner Bros. has stated that they do not yet know the exact source of the leak, but are working hard to find it.  The report goes further to state that Rain’s agency—there is no specification as to which agency, J.Tune (Korea) or William Morris (USA)—says that Rain fans are are constantly providing useful information in finding these DVDS and illegal sites.  The agency forwards those tips to Warner Bros., who takes care of the problem from there.


This unfortunate fan just had her Full House DVD stolen right out of her mailbox, and was lucky to get it back.  Oh, say it ain’t so!  The shame.  » You can read Purplezest’s blog post, Postman with sticky fingers stole my Korean Full House DVD HERE.  Wow.

Watch your stuff.  — Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on March 5, 2010.

3 Responses to “Rain is being stolen left and right!”

  1. […] all too well.  It can be a demoralizing thing in an artist’s life, let me tell you.  » The bootlegging and pirating of Ninja Assassin, as with the tons of other movies out there, is much too globally widespread to contain, which is quite unfortunate but very realistic.  We […]


  2. happy for Purplezest…..


  3. WOW, BUT I’M NOT SURPRISED to hear about NA. there is a litany of internet sites showing NA. those who know how, i am sure are burning disks like crazy. WB should have been monitoring this kind of thing from the beginning. i couldn’t understand why, even though the film is still showing and generating money, before the DVD even came out, it’s leaked to the internet???
    SAME THING HAPPENED WITH Rain and Omarion’s “Man Up”. leaked! (and found out it was leaked from the source with the master copy). now, whose behind this?? hope fans continue to report these sites and get them shut down.


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