Calling all Clouds… jump on this!

Tomorrow, March 5th, is the deadline for casting your all-important votes for the 2010 Green Globe Film Awards.  So don’t forget—if you haven’t done so already, scoot on over there and support Rain in his four nominated categories.  Give your other favorite Asian artists a helping hand as well, and put yourself in the running to win those coveted VIP tickets to the event.  Just imagine who you might run into there, without having to shell out any of your own cold hard cash…!  »You can find all of our previous posts on the GGFAs HERE.


Back in January, Ellen DeGeneres’ search for international music suggestions was blogged about across the Internet.  Well, though there are nearly 15,000 comments on the thread now, the suggestion form is still up and running on the show site, so go on over there and do your thing, put in a word for Rain.  Ellen’s show has gotten crazy-popular, so Rain getting some exposure there certainly couldn’t hurt.  Cloud USA has already told Ms. DeGeneres what we think, and hit the “send” button.  It felt good, too.  » Ellen’s international music suggestion form is HERE.


We’re already into March, so take a quick spin over to the Lotte Duty Free English website and » download your Rain calendar/wallpaper for the month.

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on March 4, 2010.

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