A KDrama by any other name…

Ijuksa.  This Love I Want To Kill.  The Love of Death.  Detestable Love.  Knocked Out by Love.  This Damned Love.  A Love To Kill. 이 죽일놈의 사랑 (I Juk-il-nom-ui Sa-rang).  Doesn’t matter what you call it, or how it translates into other languages.  In my humble opinion, this multi-layered and complicated piece of character-building is Rain’s finest achievement to date.  Don’t get me wrong—Raizo in Ninja Assassin was an amazing piece of work, and Rain played him to the hilt, physically and emotionally.  But because of the movie’s short length, he only had time to scratch the surface of Raizo’s many layers (if a Ninja Assassin 2 ever shows up, we are so in the money!), whereas 16 episodes with Bok-Gu allowed Rain to go as deeply as he possibly could into a character completely opposite the romantic, comedic ones he had played up to that point.

The scene where a devastated Bok-Gu destroys his brother’s livingroom in utter grief was brilliant—and painful.  All I could think as I watched was how, in real life, a devastated, starving, and near-homeless Rain had gone home after his mom’s funeral in 2000 and torn the place to shreds in a rage.  Because that is what actors do to make a scene work—they go to a place in their past that makes them feel the specific emotion they need to project.  I knew I was actually watching him grieve for his mother.  I remember him explaining to an interviewer once (and I paraphrase): “When I’m frustrated, or angry, or I want to hit someone because they’ve wronged me, I just hold it all in.  And then when I’m shooting, I let it all go [on the set].”

I was checking my Korean news feeds this morning when I noticed several journalists had referenced A Love To Kill videos under their “what we’re watching” headers.  And I felt the need to revisit this tragic tale (though I remember watching it just about killed me emotionally!).  It will always be one of my very favorite KDramas and I’ll still be talking about it when I’m 90.  Here are two excellent fan made MVs to whet your appetite if you haven’t had a taste of it yet. — Stephe ^@@^

(courtesy of ashishi84)

(courtesy of HSungie)

~ by Cloud USA on March 1, 2010.

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