Surely Rain and Hyo-Ri have already taken steps…

…to incorporate this knowledge into the marketing plans of their separate albums coming out in 4 to 5 weeks.

This article, “Future POP: The Future of The Music Biz in South Korea”, goes in depth with JYP concerning how record labels can no longer just “release an album” if that album is to make it.  Albums are all but obsolete in South Korea, and JYP is having to build an entirely new type of business model from the one he successfully relied on back in the days of managing Rain.  J.Tune and Rain are extremely business-savvy, so no doubt they have been up to speed on this for a long time.  This is good info for any music fan.  » You can read the AtomiURL News Source article HERE.


Is Lee Da-Hae’s next stop Hollywood?  » Allkpop is asking that very question in this post about the actress managed by J.Tune Entertainment.

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on February 26, 2010.

5 Responses to “Surely Rain and Hyo-Ri have already taken steps…”

  1. “left last year?” i thought he left in mid 2007 when the contract expired while still into his Rain’s Coming tour.

    thanks Terri for the “in the know” info. good stuff. but, yeah this is old info. written up like it was something recently said.


  2. >>>For five years, the company’s revenue related to Rain averaged about $10 million a year…

    2002 to 2007.

    >>>and while Rain left J.Y.P.E. last year with Park’s blessing…


    Though this article was just posted yesterday, looks like the information came from a year ago, 2009. Just an observation.



  3. My oldest son happens to be training as a musician here in the States. He has told me that nobody makes any real money on their CD’s anymore. To make money you have to practically give away your music and then make money on other things like concerts, merchandising, and commercial endorsements. You might make a little money on electronic distribution, but even that market isn’t what it used to be, because so many people have figured out how to download music free.

    So, concert tickets (which are becoming more costly, btw), posters, shirts, hats, gadgets, toys, concert DVD’s, commercial films, etc., are where the real money is made. And I don’t know what kind of nonsense JYP is trying to spread. I think US musicians have known about and have been working towards all these things for a long time. So, I don’t know where he’s coming from.

    And believe it or not, people in the music industry do still call CD’s “albums.” I’ve been told that it’s because they are still considered a grouping of sorts. Sort of like picture albums. Only they’re “music” albums. At least that’s what I’ve been told by people who are in the know.

    Terri :-}


  4. When I read the part about “replacing Rain,” I took that to mean duplicating Rain’s MASSIVE success under JYP, which no JYP artist has really done yet–not “making Rain disappear” from the world of Kpop. I don’t think the writer re-read the sentence after s/he typed it…

    I know one thing–I wouldn’t want to be under JYP. He is certainly a genius when it comes to marketing, and he has valuable contacts to back it up, but he is ruthless when it comes to artist motivation and preparation and doing whatever he deems necessary to get ahead. That is the norm for most music producers though, isn’t it?

    If anyone doesn’t know by now that it was Rain’s own decision to leave JYPE and market himself, they’ve been living under a rock or something.

    Stephe ^@@^


  5. here goes my suspicion again…i read the last paragraph from JYPE about the wonder girls and the hot boys group (replacing Rain)??? is JYPE saying that’s what his intent is?? who wrote this? someone from JYPE?? i must say that i don’t much like JYP although i do respect him as a person. sometime ago, Korea news announced proudly that JYP was the first asian to grace the cover of (i believe it was either Billboard mag. or Source mag.). but when i picked up the New York Amsterdam News, a reporter’s article about that pic. revealed (quoting words from the mag’s promo dept.), that JYP actually paid the mag. for the front cover space. this kinda seems dishonest to me because Korea actually thinks the mag chose to feature JYP, not knowing he paid them to feature him (or maybe they do know it). i also noticed this article is recently dated, but JYP, in a forum a while back stated about the climate of the music industry . what made Korea change from selling music the way they did at first was because the nation expereinced a total shut down of their network service. not only that but, Rain, his current CEO and several of his dancers left because they wanted to expand and it couldn’t be done under JYPE, who admitted himself that to continue with Rain would have meant he would use up 60% of JYPE’s income. (that’s how big Rain had gotten) there are a lot of little things that i see and read about JYP that gets me a little annoyed, but i know hoards of people love him so i’ll keep those to myself. but thanks for the link. btw, (second paragraph) when is the last time you walked into a music store and ask for an ALBUM??? that part’s to funny, can u see jyp telling US music producers to “WAKE UP?”, that’s even funnier.


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