Rain in Hokkaido.

Back a while at the end of January, after the Legend of Rainism tour had left Japan for the second time (the 23rd) and was due in Taiwan (on the 31st), the Internet was abuzz over Rain’s whereabouts, especially after rumors surfaced that he was taking a rest and snowboarding in Hokkaido.  There were no confirmed sightings nor anything concrete at the time, so we didn’t report anything though people were really convinced.  (We were hoping it was true.  That was all we had wanted for him since 2010 rang in—REST.)

Well, here recently, the subject has blown wide open again because the Hokkaido resort Rain did indeed rest at during that time has put the snowboard he autographed for them, and various other things, on display.  So, for you Clouds who haven’t run across any pictures yet, here you go!

(Personally, we would have put the snowboard inside a tempered glass shadowbox and secured it to that wall along with the other things—is it nailed down, or can anyone just take it like that?  Ah, looks like Rain also signed a parka… maybe the resort should have put it in a display case as well, because that mannequin looks sort of creepy.  How many Japanese Clouds have already been to see the display, do you think?  Probably a lot of them!)

» See actual Rain photographs HERE, on the Indulging In Rain’s World blog.

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on February 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “Rain in Hokkaido.”

  1. I agree they should have protected the things JiHoon signed, and I love the picture here of him and so happy he got rest with privacy.


  2. […] » See our previous post on Rain at the Northern Arc Resort on January 26th HERE.  — ^@@^ […]


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