Two new tidbits about Concept Korea.

Very small tidbits… connected to news we all have already seen, really.  We’re only posting them because:

» The first one,  some kind of press release by the CFDA supposedly, shows that you definitely must have an invitation to get into the Concept Korea opening party tonight.  Or a real talent for pulling strings and calling in favors.  (No surprise there.)


» The second one, a post by dedicated Cloud Rakota at (translation: rain bird of Rain Europe, source: Daily Hankook) states that Rain is expected to sing a remix of “It’s Raining” and “Bad Guy.”

Interesting, indeed. — Stephe ^@@^ 4:31 pm EST

~ by Cloud USA on February 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Two new tidbits about Concept Korea.”

  1. Um-hmm. The gritty black and white tint really was the way to go–if this thing were in color, I don’t think it would be as effective.

    That sober pout and the gap at his hips are pretty effective too. But then I’m sure they knew that. Ha.


  2. this is one awesome photo profile….does this man have a bad side? i haven’t seen one yet. thanks for sharing this photo just makes you want to walk up to this man and huge him up, my goodness!!


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