Where was Rain today? Bryant Park?

This is NOT news. This is only speculation, which is fun, especially since we seem to be in a Rain drought at the moment.

We think it is entirely possible that Rain might have visited The Big White Tents of Bryant Park today. Why? Because no one in their right mind would fly all this way to participate in world-famous New York Fashion Week and ignore the main venue, the place where all the action happens, the shows and hobnobbing and celebrity interaction. Above all, Rain represents Korea and the KOCCA—it stands to reason he would think to put in a casual appearance on their (and his) behalf on a world stage like that. It also stands to reason he would want some rest and relaxation and a chance to simply enjoy himself like a normal human being.

Another reason is this: One thing you can be sure of is that, as thorough as he always is, Rain checked out the stage or dais or platform at Astor Hall, did blocking, et cetera, and prepared for his appearance tomorrow night. And where is Astor Hall? At the New York Public Library… next to Bryant Park. All he’d have to do is walk outside.

» Take a look at Bryant Park’s blog HERE.

Besides, the Bryant Park skating pond may be in operation right now as well. Can you see a fun-loving guy like Rain not taking a minute to get on that ice? (If he isn’t skating around Rockefeller Center all bundled up, that is. Or attending one of the fund-raising parties that are going on to help the people of Haiti, like the one model Naomi Campbell is having Friday night. You know how much of a humanitarian he is.)

Of course, all of this speculation depends on the weather, and whether or not he is too tired or jet-lagged to move. But hey, he’s expected to be here until Monday and we just don’t see the man staying cooped up in some suite or residence.

And so we wait. Where will the next Rain sighting in New York be? What kinds of things do you think he might do?  Can’t you just see him suddenly strolling into some sandwich shop or Korean barbecue place? 🙂

— Stephe ^@@^

(This snowy pic was released yesterday by Bryant Park on their Facebook page.)

~ by Cloud USA on February 11, 2010.

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