6 Responses to “Somehow, I knew they would be the ones. :) [fan account]”

  1. i just found out that when Rain had his fashion show and concert in Macao, that they were forcasting a Typhon…can u believe it?? he thanked everyone for coming in spite of the weather and hoped for their safety..this guy stuns me at times.


  2. I HAVE A FINAL THOUGHT ABOUT THIS TRIP. whatever the reason or it’s importance of this event. weather personal, career or nation related, i really hope Rain will think twice before agreeing to travel in this type of element pattern in the future. i think we were all quite worried and concerned for his safety. i hope he doesn’t put us through that again anytime soon.


    • I have to agree strongly with you about that. I would not have been NEARLY as obsessed if there had not been a blizzard. Rain flies everywhere all the time and I manage to live a normal life. 🙂

      He may not have had a choice in this matter because he is an ambassador and all, but in the future I really hope Rain takes his safety into consideration a bit more. Not that I mind having him here, on the East coast, with us. Two and a half hours away from Atlanta by plane.


  3. now that’s dedication for you. i guess these young ladies said, if Rain can travel in this kind of weather to the US, so can we, to greet him. makes me feel warm just knowing that someone here was there to greet him. i bet he was surprised.


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