Rain seems to be right on time.

According to Hello Flight online:

Asiana Airlines, Inc. Flight AAR222 – OZ222
arriving in New York – John F. Kennedy International Airport
Speed: 601 mph / 522 kts
Altitude: 37000 feet
Currently Enroute Status: Enroute
Duration: 13 hrs 24 min
Time Remaining: 1 hr 19 min 02 sec
Seoul (ICN)
takeoff time:
2/10/10 10:10 PM (+09:00)
New York, NY (JFK)
landing time:
2/10/10 9:40 PM (-05:00)

And Flight Stats Online:

Flight: (OZ) Asiana Airlines 222
Departure Date: Wed Feb 10, 2010
Status: Flight is Currently En Route
Delayed 116 minutes
Last change to status 20 minutes ago
Arrival Estimate: Estimated Touch Down at 9:46 PM

… Rain is right where he should be.  — Stephe ^@@^ 8:30 pm EST

~ by Cloud USA on February 10, 2010.

One Response to “Rain seems to be right on time.”

  1. wow, talk about through!!! all these HIGH WINDS in the atmosphere seem to be blowing you Clouds in the right direction. i’m lovin it.


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