Rain expected to arrive around 7:50 pm…

[ *ETA UPDATE! Rain’s flight out of Incheon, S. Korea was delayed two hours due to the heavy snowfall in New York, so he is expected at JFK at around 10 pm tonight instead of 8 pm.  Thanks to rain bird at Rain Europe for the tip. ]

…at JFK International Airport tonight (get your Cloud fan cams ready, New York, if you can!  We know your weather is really bad up there right now).  His flight schedule was posted on his official website by J.Tune, and kindly translated by rain bird of Rain Europe.  (» Thanks for the tip, RainListings.)

That’s a 6885 mile, 14-hour flight.  In about 4 hours, Rain will leave South Korea at 8 pm his time (6 am NY time), fly over the international dateline and land here at roughly 8 pm NY time on the same day he just left (February 10).  His body will lose an entire day.  Wow.  How he manages to function like that on a continuous basis, we just don’t know!  Concept Korea, here he comes.

— Stephe ^@@^ 2:05 am EST

[Feb-10-2010] <notice from rain-jihoon> Regarding Rain’s flight to New York for 2010 (CONCEPT KOREA, fashion collective 2010)

Hello, this is Cloud master.

Here is the notice about Rain’s flight to New York for 2010 (CONCEPT KOREA, fashion collective 2010)

Incheon -> New York (Asiana Airlines)


Feb.10th at 20:00 (departure)~Feb.10 at 19:50 (arrival by the local time)

Thank you.

~ by Cloud USA on February 10, 2010.

5 Responses to “Rain expected to arrive around 7:50 pm…”

  1. UPDATE: just heard that some planes are still managing to land in NY. seems like the storm will end there and hopes are that the airports will be up to full speed by the morning. so things could be good. there was a shot shown of NY Times Square, and it looked kinda cleaned up to me, but i’m not in NY, so i’m just going by tv updates.


  2. well, Rain’s plane may need to land in Chicago or another State and he may have a stay over there. as of a few minutes ago, all planes coming and going to Philly Inter., Newark and JFK have been cancelled. our international highways have been closed, leading in and out of PA. NY, PA, DC, MD up to Boston. the main highway that connects these States is I-95. (closed) Rain probably is coming into the US from the Westcoast, which means he will prabably have a lay-over. that goes for fans as well, who may be planning on attending this event (which probably will be stalled too). tomorrow is supposed to be much better as the storm is to stop tonight sometime and removalbe crews will work throughout the night. so i’m sure Rain will be safe.


  3. I’m really worried about him… 😦

    – ^@@^


  4. BE SAFE Rain….i know several people who have not altered their plans to travel to New York either.


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