Rain’s NY appearance confirmed by global fashion publication.

It wasn’t easy to find, Clouds.  But here it is, as stated by Women’s Wear Daily (WWD.com), one of the most comprehensive sources of fashion, beauty, and retail news from New York.  The “Going Global” story is the third article down the page.


Posted Tuesday February 09, 2010

From WWD Issue 02/09/2010

GOING GLOBAL: There will be numerous ethnic group shows this fashion season, including the Arise African, Unreserved American Indian and Flanders Fashion Institute presentations. But on Saturday and Sunday, as a group of six South Korean labels — Andy & Debb, Juun.J, Kuho, Doii Paris, Roliat and Park Choon Moo — take over the New York Public Library, the event will be just Act I in a two-year partnership between the CFDA and the South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s Korea Creative Content Agency. Titled Concept Korea, the project will take on an exchange-program approach with a CFDA shop-in-shop in Seoul…

…Doo-Ri Chung will cohost an opening party on Friday night [Feb 12], which will feature a performance by South Korean pop star Jeong Ji-hoon, aka Rain. The two-day presentation will also include….


» See the entire WWD article HERE.

» See images of Astor Hall (inside the NY Public Library) where the exhibition will take place HERE.

Perhaps this was kept so hush-hush because only elite celebrities and personalities were invited, and not the public…?  We don’t know.  Thank goodness Newsprime.co.kr broke the news first over in Asia!

If the really bad weather and expected snow storm don’t force the postponement of the event, or if Rain doesn’t stay home due to safety issues (as he darn well should), it is safe to say that he will probably be in Manhattan around Wednesday or Thursday to prepare for Friday night’s opening party.

Let’s all pray for his safe arrival in the US and return to Seoul.

— Stephe ^@@^ 2:14 am

~ by Cloud USA on February 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Rain’s NY appearance confirmed by global fashion publication.”

  1. wow, thanks for the update and link to the hall. looks really swanky. hope Rain will make it and have safe journey.


    • I had no idea Astor Hall was so beautiful. That is going to be a real high society gig. I wonder what he’ll wear, what songs, he’ll do, how he’ll wear his hair…

      I predict he’ll go with an elegant style, all the way. A really slick suit and tie, maybe, with Legend of Rainism Vegas hair…
      Stephe ^@@^


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