Rain will be in NYC on February 12th…

…according to » this article just released in Newsprime.co.kr online.

The event, CFDA’s Concept Korea Fashion Presentation, will take place during New York’s famous Fashion Week, in Manhattan at the New York Public Library’s Astor Hall on Friday from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM, and Newsprime states that Rain is to open the exhibition with a performance for an elite crowd at the opening night party.  When we ran the article through Google Translate, that seems to be the gist of what is said… [the powerful singer Rain (정지훈), the music for the musical concept to the famous fashion collections…]  Interestingly enough, the KOCCA, the organization that just awarded Rain the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism Award, is shown as a sponsor on the Concept Korea website.

If any confirmations spring up, we will try to bring them to you.  (Honestly, we don’t understand how, even after all this time, Rain’s body successfully handles all of this jet lag.)

In the meantime…

» HERE is New York Fashion’s online schedule that shows the event.  Click on the Friday the 12th tab and scroll down.

» HERE is CFDA’s own calendar, which shows the event sponsored by themselves and Samsung.

» HERE is Concept Korea’s website, where you can see the designers who will be showcased at the exhibition.

» HERE is a Korea Times article heralding the exhibition back in December 2009.

(Newsprime article source: RainLegend/rain bird, 2:06 am —Stephe ^@@^)

~ by Cloud USA on February 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “Rain will be in NYC on February 12th…”

  1. hummmmm, i wonder if this is going to happen? we are buried under snow, snow and more snow, with another storm predicted for 9th and 10th forcasted to hit New York. planes, trains and automobiles were crippled. things are up and running now, but who knows what will happen with this new storm. anyway, i’m sure Rain will be careful and focused on the weather here. but, this event may wind up being postponed.


    • I was thinking your weather was pretty bad, and that does worry me a bit. I’m with you wondering if this event will happen in the midst of all that. I’m not too into Rain coming in there on a plane, for sure. I wish he would stay home.

      IF he is supposed to be there. I’m still looking for confirmation from a news source in the US or an English source overseas.

      Gosh, busybee, I hope you’re staying safe and warm!
      Stephe ^@@^


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