Love Story, the short film.

If you’ve seen Rain’s “Love Story” video (in one language or all four), but you have NOT seen the entire LOVE STORY short film, then you are really missing out on something special.  Though you may have seen the story’s premise done in other ways (frugal mob bodyguard and rich mob boss’ girl or daughter accidentally fall in love with each other, and mayhem ensues), the effort that Rain puts into giving his character real personality plus making the character stand out is quite entertaining.  It is easy to forget he is Rain and to believe he is a proud, stubborn, angry mob henchman, totally thrown for a loop because he’s in love with the wrong woman.

As you know, “Love Story” and “September 12” are autobiographical and tell the real tale of a painful breakup in Rain’s life that he regrets to this day.  The mob story in the video and short film is strictly make-believe.  (Thank God for small favors!)

So.  Grab yourself a beverage, sit back in your seat, and immerse yourself in this tragic tale of love and loss, a small piece of Rain’s creativity.  (Have some tissues handy.)  It runs roughly 35 minutes in total.

doggiexbunnie (CHI– Eng Translator)
Becky823 (Timer/Typesetting/Encoder)
Original vid: Chelmevisiondrama

» Love Story short film, Part 1. (English subbed)

» Love Story short film, Part 2.

» Love Story short film, Part 3.

» Love Story short film, Part 4.

Here’s some trivia for you: During the making of this film, Rain hurt his hand pretty badly in one of those fight scenes.  Looked like a deep puncture wound to me. (Go to our Clouds On This Side of the Ocean! page and watch the “We Believe In Rain: UK/Great Britain” video, to see what I mean.  Rain has performed in concert after concert with a fractured arm and other injuries, so this kind of reaction means whatever happened had to really HURT.)

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on February 6, 2010.

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