You know what Rain will be doing on March 5.

Seeing as he is a Lotte representative, and that he does the Lotte Duty Free Family Concert each year, stands to reason Rain would be a shoe-in for this year’s 30th Anniversary 8th Family 2010 show as well, along with Kim Tae-Woo and some other big names.

I wonder what songs he will put together for his appearance…  any guesses, Clouds?  No doubt it’s going to be a spectacular performance, as always.  Even if he were singing on a subway in khaki shorts and sandals, you know Rain would put everything he had into it because letting a fan down is not what he’s about.

In anticipation of the show, enjoy this nice fan cam from last year’s Lotte performance: Rain singing September 12.  (courtesy of biWithU0625)

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~ by Cloud USA on February 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “You know what Rain will be doing on March 5.”

  1. what ever he sings, will be alright with me. i could listen over and over again, heck, i’ve even gone to sleep listening to this man, hahaha. try listening to “No, no, no. no” on his It’s Raining cd. first part of JYP wording, not liking so much, but Rain does something real special with this song.


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