Bi Yourself topic #1.

If Rain were in front of you right now… what would you say your wishes are for him as his lengthy journey continues?  What would you tell him?


I would say that I want more recognition for him here when that recognition is due.  I was absolutely livid when Ninja Assassin premiered in Hollywood at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre—I mean, it could not have been a bigger or more exciting event.  Have you seen the YouTube footage?—and not one of the so-called Hollywood magazine shows said a word about it that night.  Or the next night.  Or the night after.  Not Entertainment Tonight.  Not Access Hollywood.  Not The Insider.  Et cetera.  What a joke.  But I found out all about where So And So ate dinner.  And what color nail polish What’s Her Face was wearing on her toes.  Sheesh.

Ninja Assassin was finally mentioned sometime after the November 25 official opening across the country, but give me a break.  A few seconds and a few shots or two from Grauman’s back on the 19th would have been heaven for those of us who had been anticipating this thing for a whole year!  A Warner Bros. movie with major Hollywood players involved in its making, ignored?  Could the problem be that NA has an Asian lead?  Just sayin’.

I can only hope Rain understands that Hollywood does not speak for us out here in Real America Land.  We welcome lead actors based on ability, not on skin color.  And we most certainly welcome him.

— Stephe ^@@^


So… what would you talk to Rain about?

~ by Cloud USA on January 21, 2010.

4 Responses to “Bi Yourself topic #1.”

  1. If Rain were in front of me huh? Well, there was a time when I would’ve had a giddy fan girl answer. However, that was before the resurgence of backwards mentalities in our country. It’s hard to feel light and fluffy right about now….real talk. I think I would tell him to just keep pressing forward. Keep his laser eyed focus. If Hollywood is still a goal, then continue to go for it. Now is an awesome time for people of color actually. My people (black people) are seeing an up tick in roles and award recognition like never before, as of late. Also, I’m practically on pins and needles right now just waiting to see Black Panther. For the first time like…ever, a black superhero on the big screen across this nation! That is huge my friend. This film represents more than just some Marvel comic superhero too…..but that’s another discussion for another day. 🙂

    I say all that to say this. Be who you are. Be Jihoon Jung from Korea. Bring you (as you always do) to your new endeavors and continue blazing the path for other young Korean entertainers to come work in the U.S. I recently watched an interview with Lee Joon (Joonie) and he mentioned his time acting in Ninja Assassin and the awesomeness of that experience and how big everything was. He also said he’d like to act in a U.S. production again someday. He said it was a goal. This is what you have to remember dear. You continue to be the trailblazer for your juniors. I mean if it hadn’t been for you introducing K-Pop, K-R&B over here first, I can say without hesitation that BTS would not be getting mainstream radio airplay right now. All last week I was hearing “Mic Drop” driving home from work. This is because You were one of the first ones to break down the barriers of language and race in this regard. So keep doing what you do and don’t stop being you……because You are pretty dang cool….and a lot of other things, but we will leave it at cool. 😉😎🎬🎤📽

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  2. hummmm, interesting question and topic. i think i would approach Rain as a human being as opposed to the multi talent that he is. my first concern would be for his feelings, health and family.
    i probably would than thank him for the example he has set by the way he lives his life, for his outlook on life and let him know how greatful and respectful i am to his mother for her sacrifice and the gift she gave to all of us through her son. (sounds mushey, right?) hahaha but, i would just like to approach him as one person to another. btw, i really like this site and i am happy to see USA sites popping up to support Rain. your last comment sums it up pretty much for me too.


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