[opinion] Why can’t we all just be HAPPY for Rain and Kim Tae Hee? » Kim-Tae-Hee-Rain-Dating-Coupang-Ad

One Response to “Kim-Tae-Hee-Rain-Dating-Coupang-Ad”

  1. Another really well written “tell it like it is” article. I’m convinced they make a beautiful couple just by these pictures alone. I will never really understand the extremes of “fandom ” some fans go to. I was never exposed to it until about 3 years ago (not just for Rain) and never did I follow an artist in my younger years actually i rarely went to concerts and then I realized I was missing out on some great fun and so between 2010 and 2011 went to over 40 concerts all for the same artist . Had the time of my life, travelled to some beautiful places, met lots of great people who have become lifetime friends,amazing concerts and just all in support of one artist.

    IMO Rain’s private life is his own and as long as he is happy Iam too. My interest in him is his career, I support him and want him to be as successful in the US as he is in Asia. My only wish is that maybe one day I get to experience a live concert (well maybe more than one) somewhere in this world and not sitting in the nose bleed section and if an opportunity arises to meet him – I will be there for sure ( me and a few million others, LOL)

    Rain, if you like her and she makes you happy, hold on and don’t let her go!

    Thank you again for telling it like it is.


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