[topic thread][SPOILERS] Round 4: What Clouds and drama fans are watching right now… » 20180525_175135_6404

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  1. @BiAlamode – I have yet to see Season 3 of Badlands. I purchased Season 2 on Amazon because I couldn’t wait but now that Veil’s gone, I can wait for Netflix.

    I also feel Rain’s military interruption blocked his flow, not only here but at home, as well. (I feel bad for all the artists who go through that as non-die-hard fans move on and up & comers fill the void for them.)

    But honestly, I don’t think Americans were ready even as Rain was sparking everything (and everybody) he touched with raw electricity. It seemed obvious in the U.S. audience’ cool response as he picked up his badassery award. Even he looked puzzled. At the time, I just wanted to comfort him that we Americans, in general, were falsely elitist and closed off in our appreciation or knowledge of entertainment outside our borders. The climate in the U.S. seems to have changed apparently due to BTS. And no offense to Armys out there, but I just don’t get it. I googled BTS performance and while I’m sure they’re good, I don’t see what sets them so far apart from Exo, Big Bang, Shinee and all the rest as far as American acceptance is concerned. I can only guess that when Rain was getting to break into our entertainment, there were far fewer Kdrama fans than there are now and that that new openness to Korean entertainment is the result of Kpop’s evolution here. Please anybody feel free to give me the real deal if you know it.


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