[24 images][clip][interview] Rain at sponsor WellcareFIT’s event in Shanghai. (4/18) » 12998561_565094116985090_3799835701532272048_n

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  1. I would like it if there was more publicity for rain in the USA. Not enough people know about him. I really think that he is one of the greatest in his field. I have most of the T.V. series he made. I am always looking for more. I bought them from Asian Marketplace. I’ve watched them so many times and I know there will many more times. I enjoy every time. THANK YOU !


    • I would really like that too, Doris! That’s part of the reason we started Cloud USA and this blog in particular, so that there would be a place for more people to find out about him in English. He still needs more publicity, though, and hopefully that will come!

      You’re welcome.^^

      Stephe ^@@^


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