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Rain’s new No. 1 digital single, released August 16, 2011… Busan Woman (부산 여자, Busan yeoja). » You can find the English lyrics on our Lyrics PAGE 1, HERE.

RAIN 부산여자 MV. (Credit: J.Tune Camp / jtunecamp @YT)


Kim TaeWoo collaboration with Rain and JinYoung Park… Brothers & Me, from Big Tae’s new 2011 album T-School. » You can see the English translation of the song lyrics HERE.

[Rain (Bi) MV][Eng Trans] Brothers&Me (김태우(Kim Tae Woo) With Rain & JYP). Credit: Daum Music / scorpiolabibi @ youtube, courtesy of SoulSHOP Entertainment


Rain’s very last Hip Song performance, the last week of May 2010, on M!Countdown, where he was just a little verklempt as it was time to bid farewell to his B2TB comeback and fans who supported it.  But bigger and better things were waiting for him just around the corner and there was no time to spare.  (courtesy of ratoka @YT)


Rain’s very first Hip Song performance, the first week of April 2010, on M!Countdown, and my very favorite Hip Song of them all.  He was so gangsta, and so Cali-sexy, I didn’t know what to do with myself!  Yes, he was all covered up for a while, but that was the whole point, people.  (courtesy of JUSTRainsubs)


널 붙잡을노래_Love Song / Neol Bootjabul Norae, Back To The Basic special mini-album, Korean version (courtesy of TOKUMAJAPN.) Translation is HERE.

And simply for your listening pleasure… the beautiful Japanese version, courtesy of MisterKpop @YT.



One of the absolute BEST openings of any concert anywhere.  I’m telling you.  Rain, I want my DVD.

Legend of Rainism, Saitama Super Arena, Japan.  August 2009.  (courtesy of dukedik2)


» The Colbert Report, May 2008.  “Rainnnnn!”

» September 12th (original)


Love Story & September 12. (courtesy of babyrain2504 @YT)


» Rainism (original)

» Rainism (English version, written and produced by » Double Dragon Productions)

» My Way (translation HERE)

» Love Story (original)


Love Story (English version, written and produced by Double Dragon Productions.  Read more about the project HERE.  Great stuff!)


» I’m Coming (translation HERE)

» Escaping The Sun (translation HERE)

» Instead of Saying Goodbye (translation HERE)

» I Do (translation to come)

» It’s Raining (translation HERE)


In My Bed (Courtesy of jstasimplegrl.  Translation HERE)


» I / Nan (translation HERE)

» Fresh Woman (translation HERE)

» Bad Guy (translation HERE)

» Sad Tango (English version)


» Only You (translation HERE)

» Move On (Japanese single, English and Romanized subs)

» Handshake (English subs)

» Man Up (Omarion featuring Rain)

» Familiar Face (translation HERE)


Even You (Courtesy of miuseNaBi.  Translation HERE)


No No No, from album #3 It’s Raining, 2004.  (fan made, courtesy of soorain)


Baby.  Ji-Hoon and vintage FanClub, in the late 90s.  Before the Rain.  (courtesy of smileallround)

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