Rain’s Charitable Causes

In mid-January of 2008, about a month after the largest and most toxic oil spill in South Korea’s history, Rain, his father, and some of his J.Tune staff went out into the freezing weather of Chung Cheon Nam Do, Taean Beach, to physically help with the massive, ongoing cleanup.  He also donated 300 million won for drinking water and winter clothing for the devastated Taean residents (that’s called putting your money where your mouth is, folks).

As we understand it, Rain wanted to keep his volunteer work a secret, but the number of volunteers coming to help had been on the decrease, and the provincial government asked him to publicize it to encourage more people to help Taean.  This is what we should be teaching our children, and what we should expect from those around us.  Even if you don’t have gobs of money to give, the giving of your TIME, wherever or however that may be, says more about you than just about anything else.

This page is for the side of Rain we admire most… the compassionate humanitarian. It does not show everything he has done, nowhere near. That would be quite impossible, as the vast majority of his actions are done without publicity. That is simply his way.

We’re not saying the man is a saint.  We are saying that he and others like him should be an inspiration to us all.

— Stephe ^@@^ @ Cloud USA

(info and picture sources: K-popped!, My Daily, StarNews, and Flor @ Rainlover2)





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Rain comforts the Japanese people after the Japan earthquake/tsunami disaster of March 2011, and urges donations on SBS live special: “I think helping the many local people including Korean Japanese suffering from the deadly earthquakes to return to a better stable life as quickly as possible, is an urgent priority.”

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Rain’s video message on the Haiti Disaster of January 2010: “Why don’t we help the people of Haiti who suffered the earthquake as much as we possibly can?  I’m going to be one of those who helps the victims in that country.”



(image courtesy of Indulging In Rain’s World blog)

After drugs, human trafficking is the second largest illegal trade in the world and generates about $10 billion each year.  The estimates are staggering.  It is believed that 2.5 million people are victims of trafficking worldwide, and exploited sexually.  In 2007, Rain joined MTV television in launching the End Exploitation and Trafficking campaign (EXIT) to raise awareness of this heinous crime.

It is shocking and sad that the majority of the trafficked and exploited are women and children.  I hope I can be of help to those battling for these people. — Rain

» MTV EXIT site

» MTV video “Traffic: Rain” (not subtitled)  Rain presents the harrowing true story of two young women, Anna and Eka, forced into human slavery.

» Cloud USA original article: Influential Rain: Rain, Chris Colfer, and other young people shouted-out by MTV Act, April 2011.




In February of 2009, J.Tune Entertainment announced that Rain was starting a foundation in Korea called Creating A Bright New World, to provide free Lasik surgery for those who couldn’t afford it.  Partnering with Rain in this venture was Eye & Eye Vision, in Gangnam.  Two applicants per month would be selected.  All members of The Cloud, their relatives, or persons recommended by the official fan club were eligible to apply at Rain’s official website.

J.Tune also stated that there would be more charity projects geared towards helping Rain’s fans in the future.



Following His Lead…

China RainBar, RainCN, and Rain’s global fans worked with Shanghai Roots & Shoots in March 2011 and donated 2000 trees in Rain’s name, to help rebuild the environment.

» ARTICLE, March 2011: Rain’s official fan base (The Cloud) donates to the Japan earthquake/tsunami disaster.

» ARTICLE, January 2011: Rain fan club Benamoo donates yearly to Africa’s children, in his name.

» ARTICLE, September 2010: Rain’s overseas fandom gives $10,000 to charity in celebration of the first broadcast of The Fugitive: Plan B.

On February 25th of 2010, it was reported that The Cloud, Rain’s official fan club in Korea, donated 30 million Won (around $26,000.) to the people of earthquake-stricken Haiti, in Rain’s name.  Ten million of the thirty (around $8,600.) was given to a crew scheduled to go to Haiti for relief work, and the rest was donated to Haitian victims through the community chest of a social service agency.

Around February the 12th of 2010, Benamoo, Rain’s super fan club, donated 3.7 million Won (around $3,200.) to UNICEF for the people of Haiti, in Rain’s name.

In December 2008, Benamoo also donated 3 million Won (around $2600.) to the Korea Welfare Foundation.  They have also donated to earthquake victims in Sichauan, China, and to the Help Foundation for Poorly Fed Children.



Other Charitable Causes


» Singer and actor Rain is to be officially named an honorary ambassador for the China-Korea Protecting the Environment/Preventing Desertification project.

» Rain’s “珍愛” (Treasure) promotional song for China.

(Brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

RAIN: Various pollutants enhanced by global warming are causing serious environmental contamination. It’s really important there’s no more desertification. As part of the eco-activity, I’ve come to sing a campaign song called ‘Treasure’ in Chinese. Your active support would be appreciated, and I hope you to help protect the environment from pollution.


» Rain participates in the 2010 SK Charity Bazaar To Share Love With The Needy.

» Rain gets time off from Runaway/Fugitive to deliver a charity performance in Hannam-dong. 

» Rain participated in the 3rd annual Green Ribbon Hope Walking Campaign, to raise funds for the prevention of and finding missing children, this year at Children’s Grand Park in Seoul.

» Rain and others to promote Cartier charity.


At the end of the year, Rain held a charity dinner, fashion show, and auction in Tokyo, Japan.  Proceeds were donated to the Orphans’ Transportation Scholarship Foundation.

Rain performed at Jackie Chan’s Descendants of the Dragon: Good Friends concert held at the Bird’s Nest (Beijing Olympic stadium) in China.  All proceeds were donated to charity.

Rain participated in the 2nd annual Green Ribbon Hope Walking Campaign, to raise funds for the prevention of and finding missing children.

In July, Rain and professional footballer Park Ji-Sung (Korean national team captain, player for English club Manchester United) were opposing coaches for a three-hour youth soccer charity match organized by Seoul City.


Rain donated the funds to have playgrounds built in Cambodia.

A percentage of his 2006-2007 world tour proceeds were donated to assist children orphaned by AIDS.

An So-Bong, a 33-year old motherand fan, was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer upon the birth of her daughter.  Rain not only donated funds for Mrs. An’s medical costs, but spent time with her before her death in October 2007.  The story of her final battle was musically adapted for the stage in 2009, with 10 percent of the proceeds donated to cancer patients.  (As I understand it, he was quite upset when the media got wind of his donation because of the intrusion upon An So-Bong’s privacy.  But I, for one, am glad to know about this. — Stephe ^@@^)


Rain was appointed World Vision HIV/AIDS Ambassador.

Rain participated in the Love Photography Exhibition, an annual charity held by the Social Welfare Society and photographer Cho Sei-Hon, that helps children who are in government care find adoptive parents.

In August 2006, Rain donated the funds for 50 wells to be built in Cambodia. He worked on this project, called “Rain That Fell on Asia”, with KOFICE. With his support, it was estimated that the wells would provide clean water to 60,000 people. Rain also agreed to print his portrait on the campaign umbrellas and have the proceeds from those sales donated to children from low income families, to buy stationeries and toys.



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