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Have you ever seen anything cuter than “Instead of Saying Goodbye” Rain during his debut year? Adorable times ten! And in Japanese, no less. 🙂

Rain”Move On”_ MV. (courtesy of ramileic @YT)


Rain. 비. Jung JiHoon. Certified World Star. Yes, yes, YES indeed. Tell the truth!

Rain/Bi/Jeong Ji Hun Certified World Star. (credit and edit: shevarnadze @YT)


Rain, heaven-sent.

Aww…! How lovely! Wonderful job, JJ…! ♥ ♥ Bi, Rain It’s smiling 009. Song: “When I Dream” by Carol Kidd. (credit and edit: tubetubehawaii @YT)


Aww…! ♥ RAIN You are the one. (Credit: azukityan0909 @YT)


Mutual Full House angst from “YoungJae” and “JiEun”, set beautifully to the song بحبك وحشتيني (Love Wahashtiny) by popular singer Hussain Al Jasmi of the United Arab Emirates. Wonderfully done!

Lost Without You. (credit and edit: Devilita / DVLitta @YT)


Aww! ♥ ^@@^ I wanna say these words to you Rain.. (Credit and edit: Lane Brazilian Cloud / lany68 @YT)


Can you handle this?

RAIN (Bi) Fanmade MV ~ Congrats! RAIN (TIME100)~ (credit and edit: lunaluna / courtesy of eye0rain @YT)


…because we still miss JiWoo soooo badly. T_T 🙂 “the Fugitive Plan B”. (Credit and edit: soorain @YT)


It’s been nine years since debut!

RAIN (Bi) Fanmade MV ~ Happy 9th Anniversary~ (credit and edit: lunaluna / courtesy of eye0rain @YT)


At the end of this month, on April 28, 2011, Rain will have been in the official limelight for nine years. Nine years since debut, fans! My goodness, with all the hundreds of projects he’s done, you’d think it was ninety. Enjoy this fan made video which represents a small portion of nine years of Jung JiHoon goodness.

bi rain *-*. (courtesy of 1405kawaii @YT)


Someone on YouTube is trying to kill us with Slow Rain.. (credit and edit: lany68 @YT) — ^@@^ ♥ @_____@


…because I just had a HUGE JiHoon Love Fest, compliments of Brazil, and now I must go pray for my soul. Yeah.

Here are my very favorites of the whole bunch.

Please enjoy! 🙂

Even You by Bi. (credit and edit: Lane @Brazillian Cloud / lany68 @YT)

Go Rain =^^=. (credit and edit: Lane @Brazillian Cloud / lany68 @YT)

Rain ..I miss you ! ( No No No). (credit and edit: Lane @Brazillian Cloud / lany68 @YT)

Because of you by Rain. (credit and edit: Lane @Brazillian Cloud / lany68 @YT)


No words. Just… no words. T.T ♥

Bi…Amo! Set to Axel Fernando’s “Amo.” (credit and edit: Lane @Brazillian Cloud / lany68 @YT)


Oh, my heavens. Sometimes you just want to indulge in JiHoon for absolutely no reason at all. This is one of those times. This is set to the R&B swagga of Rain’s “No No No,” and will make you suck in your breath. Have mercy… !
Have fun.

No No No By rain. (credit and edit: lany68 @YT)


Enjoy this long, wonderful piece of Rain deliciousness with your favorite morning beverage, and then happily go forth on this day of love, everyone!

El mundo de Bi Rain. (credit and edit: diamar10 @YT)


Now THIS is impressive.

Please enjoy this wonderful video that contains many of Rain’s projects (Ninja Assassin, Rainism, I’m Coming, Happy Together, Nan, et cetera and et cetera…!). Not only that, it also showcases Rain’s sexy persona to the Nth Degree and shows how it comes out in everything he does. And set to Linkin Park… what more could you want? 🙂

Bi Rain (비) is paranoid… Set to Linkin Park’s “Papercut.” (Credit and edit: 0IchHasseDich0 @YT)


Rain is the future. You’d better believe it.

RAIN is The Future. (Credit and edit: soo비 / soorain @YT)


Han JiEun and Lee YoungJae show us that what hurts the most… is being so, so close…

Full House MV — What Hurts The Most.  Set to “What Hurts The Most” by Rascal Flatts.  (courtesy of lilcharmer @YT)


Fan made, “My Angel.” Our sentiments exactly, Pao.

Great work!  But then, you always do Rain a lot of justice.  We really love your fan vids, girl.  Congrats on another job well done, and thanks for sharing it with us all. 🙂

Bi Rain “My Angel”.wmv.  (credit and edit: paoare2008 @YT)


2010 will always be known as the year our Magic Feet revolutionized us in a major way.  He promised just that, and delivered.

And unleashed Golden Rolling Abs onto the world.  What the heck!  Will we ever recover from that? (I think not.) 😉

“Back to the basic”台灣特別版.  Nicely done!  (Courtesy of lyes84302 @YT)


Um-um-umm! *sigh*

Rain Bi (impossible van Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys).  Credit and edit: YaMaMiChiYo @YT.


Past AND Present… (I want to know how many times you hit the floor while watching this one)

Rain (Bi) Hip Song 1 ♪ – Sexy photo.  (courtesy of aberu0625 @YT)


Enjoy this really sweet tribute to the most famous P.I. in Asia, by name of JiWoo.  (No, Nakamura, not you, sorry.  And not you either, James Bong! 😛 Though you both do sort of get things done in your own skewed way…)

A precious video indeed.  Woah…

Bi, Rain It’s smiling Jiwoo 1- Nothing better.  (credit and edit: tubetubehawaii @YT)


I… have no words!  You simply must watch and listen to THIS.

Okay, I have one word.  GENIUS.

Smooth Criminal Is Coming mash-up (Rain x Michael Jackson) BONUS MV.  (Credit and edit: DJ Masa / masamixes.com / mmixes @YT)


The shape of my heart.  Now, this made me SMILE.  Widely.  Enjoy images and footage from some of Rain’s past commercial spots (Pantech Any Dream, KB Card Leather Style with Lee HyoRi, Samsung Anycall, and MiiOw Sport), the Speed Racer era, and the Rain’s Coming World Tour.  Very well done! (edit and credit: onixis0625 @YT)


“Just call me Rain, babe.  Just call me Rain, baby.  Tell me what you want.  Show me what you got—”  Get your jam-on with this Ji-Woo Mania Mix, set to Rain’s “You.”  S-w-e-e-t!.  (credit & edit: lunaluna)


Okay, I did tear up a little at this.  And I smiled a lot too. 🙂

(credit and edit: pokusuna @YT)


Rain is beautiful.  Yes.  Yes indeed, he is. Woah.  And the editing on this is MAGnificent.  Gives you chills…It’s Beautiful, set to Janet Jackson’s “The Body That Loves You.”  (credit and edit: tubetubehawaii @YT)


This wonderful fan made video (*uncut: all gore intact) shows how NINJA ASSASSIN’s Raizo and Mika saved other’s lives time and time again.  They are, in effect, each other’s guardian angel.  You made my night, nique271—well done.  “Disrespect my man… you gon have to come see me.”  Enjoy this, Clouds.  I certainly did. 🙂

If I Could Be Your Angel montage, credit and edit: nique271 @YouTube


Rain is everywhere.  One of the cleverest videos I’ve seen.  Well done!

It’s Raining Everywhere! set to Natasha Bedingfield’s “Love Like This.”  (credit and edit: tubetubehawaii @YT)


Enjoy these wonderful visuals of Rain’s 2003 character “Sang-Doo”, set to the poignant song Someday.  Lovely.

(credit and edit: lunaluna / courtesy of eye0rain)


Lunaluna has done it again!  You go, girl.  Freakin’ awesome! 😀 (credit and edit: lunaluna / courtesy of eye0rain)

Hip Song Mixer.  Comeback stages from April 2010 through the end of May, all in three and a half minutes.


I had watched this most excellent fan made tribute to NINJA ASSASSIN and Raizo about three times before I caught myself.  A lot of hard work by YouTuber tatrrx went into it, and it is that good.  So… let me share it with you.  Enjoy, everyone! 🙂

Ninja Assassin mmv Breaking Benjamin—Dance With The Devil. Uncut, all gore included.  (Credit and edit: tatrrx @YouTube)


There’s only one Rain.  Fresh and fan made with Rain’s 2010 projects and achievements.  Another lunaluna creation!  Enjoy it!  ^@@^

Double-V One.  (credit & edit: lunaluna / courtesy of eye0rain)


An amazing fan made video, in anticipation of Legend of Rainism’s return to Japan in April 2010.  It creatively incorporates music from Ninja Assassin and images from Back To The Basic, along with the original theme—Rainism.  An exceptional job, I say.

(courtesy of pokusuna)


Like Dreams.  Cloud USA Forum member Paoare’s poignant fan made tribute to Rain, and quite possibly the most exquisite Rain fan video you will ever see.  (Until she makes another one, that is.)  Amazing job, Pao!  Just beautiful.

(credit & edit: paoare2008)


Infinity love for Rain.  An 8th Anniversary fan tribute that will definitely make you—and our Ji-Hoon—smile.

(credit & edit: lunaluna / presented by eye0rain)


Warning! Do not watch without tissues or hand towels.  This fan made Rain slide-video has been known to cause excessive drooling, uncontrolled weeping, and devastating nosebleeds.  So be careful. 🙂

(courtesy of KawaiiSharaku)


One.  “Let me break… ahhhh baby… I care…”  Dig on this absolutely lovely fan made video, English and Spanish subbed. 🙂

(courtesy of sweetgracebi)


His Way.  Fan made and set to Rain’s autobiographical song, “My Way.”  A real treat.

(edited by the awesome lunaluna / courtesy of eye0rain)


Double Your Pleasure.  A most excellent fan made video of “Not a Single Day,” from the Tokyo Dome in 2007 AND Saitama Super Arena in 2009.  Rain in stereo!  What a great idea.

(edited by lunaluna // courtesy of eye0rain)


A fan welcomes Rain to Japan the first time, at the very start of Legend of Rainism, at Saitama Super Arena in August 2009.  Nicely done.

(11 Days, courtesy of rehana0625)


You! Rounds One & Two.  Oh, yes—the song the censors banned.  Naughty of you, Rain. ;)

(Of course, US censors would not have given a darn.  They’re way too busy with the craziness that is hardcore gangsta rap.)  » The “You” loose translation is HERE.

A mighty fine fan video, courtesy of soorain.


The many incarnations of Rainism… too many to count, but never too many to enjoy.  Rainism has brought us a long way.

(An excellent fan made tribute by miyupy.)


Yes… in Atlanta, we are still crying inside.  And I’m pretty sure we’ll never quite get over it.  It was our ONE shot at seeing Rain live in concert during the entire span of his career, and it was ruined by greed and trumped-up lawsuits.  (I am really holding myself back here instead of totally blasting someone.  You know who you are.)

Our leg of the Rain’s Coming tour was canceled before making it to Phillips Arena.  Maybe one day, if we wait long enough and keep the faith, our Magic Feet will give it another shot. :(

(Fan made, courtesy of AlwaysLoveRain)


Escaping the Sun times three.  The Bad Guy era, the It’s Raining era, and the I’m Coming era.  Great job, lunaluna!  (credit & edit: lunaluna / courtesy of eye0rain)


Rain outtakes and general silliness.  (credit: miyupi / courtesy of RainListings)

3 Responses to “OUTSTANDING Fan Videos”

  1. I am very excited to have found Cloud USA. Rain is an incredible star. I just discovered him a month ago and have since bought a couple of his CDs including Rainism Recollection that included the “Love Story” video.
    I have been unable to find a concert DVD yet although one of the Korean Music shops here in LA told me they are back order and there is huge demand for them.
    Everyone I’ve turned on to Rain love him whether male or female, Asian or non Asian. God bless him


    • Jon,

      Welcome! We are delighted that you found us too!

      Please do keep telling everyone you know about Rain. Our main purpose here at Cloud USA is to build his English-speaking fan base, especially here in the U.S. The more Clouds the merrier, we always say. :-}

      Yeah, it’s really tough to find Rain products here in the U.S. It’s a bummer. Most of the Korean shops here in Atlanta have a few Rain items, but not very many. And even if they try to order them, most of his older merchandise isn’t available any more through primary sellers.

      All but one of the concert DVDs I’ve found have been from various online sources. YesAsia.com used to be a great source for Rain stuff. Sometimes it still is, so I’d look there first and see what’s available: http://www.yesasia.com/us/en/home.html. They are very reliable and the items and their availability change from time to time. Watch the regions on the DVDs though. Some people forget about that and end up with a DVD they can’t watch unless they have a multi-region player.

      Then, there’s always E-bay. Some of the E-bay sellers truly are legit and some aren’t. So, just be careful if you go that avenue. You will also find a few ideas on where you can buy Rain stuff in our fan forum at http://cloudusa.lefora.com/2010/05/23/rain-mall-where-to-go-to-buy-his-stuff/.

      Always good to see a new fan. Hope you enjoy Cloud USA.

      Terri :-}


  2. I’ve seen all of Jihoon’s videos and love them.


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