RAIN The Best Show National Tour in Seoul.

From the final show of the tour, September 25, 2012 at Seoul Olympic Stadium.

All fan cams credited to and courtesy of B4.마리 / B4marie1 @YT.

*Exception: #16 “I’m Coming” credited to miyupy @YT.

Thanks to both ladies for sharing their precious fan cams with Rain fans everywhere! 🙂 ^@@^

1. Opening. Hip Song.

2. Touch Ya.

3. You.

4. First moment with the audience.

5. In My Bed.

6. One.

7. Escaping The Sun.

8. Only You.

9. I Love You Again.

10. Backstage clothing change. My Girl.

11. Second moment with the audience. The Empty Space.

12. Third moment with the audience. I Do.

13. Fourth moment with the audience. Seoul Woman.

14. Dance Time. With You.

15. Fresh Woman.

16. I’m Coming.

17. Don’t Stop.

18. Love Story.

19. Love Song.

20. Fifth moment with the audience.

21. My Way.

22. Rainism.

23. Sixth moment with the audience.

24. Nan.

25. Bad Guy. It’s Raining.

26. Chajayo. Shuffle Dance.

27. September and Crew introduction.

28. Jump.

29. Special Cloud Fan Club video gift.

30. Undone by his weeping Clouds. A tearful farewell before military. » English captions provided by rain bird and RADCLOUD can be found HERE.

31. Encore! Instead of Saying Goodbye. I Wanna Say These Words to You. Jump.

32. Even MORE Encore! Na!

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