The word on the street…

The Tweet of the Year! (think outside the box for a minute, people… yes, it was)

Does Rain have his own personal airplane?

He might.  He certainly should have, what with all the crazy back-and-forth flying he had to do and huge number of crew he needed with him to make the Legend of Rainism world tour a reality.  But as of yet, I haven’t run into any true pictures or recent accounts of anyone at any airport who has seen such a thing.  And I think I would have by now.

Back in 2007 during the Rain’s Coming world tour, Rain did indeed have a plane at his disposal, provided by Korean Air for that express purpose.  Which makes perfect since when you see the plane, because the paint job decorating it is one of the fantasy portraits of “winged Rain” from his Vol.4 Rain’s World album cover.  Here is the prototype/model, and the actual plane on the tarmac.

And here is the press conference where Rain and Korean Air unveiled the model to the public (courtesy of

Recently, these pictures and others like them have surfaced on the Internet along with articles about how “netizens are green with envy over Rain and his personal airplane,” as if he’s just now getting the thing.  I found the pictures fascinating, but was a wee bit skeptical of the story because why, in this era of Legend of Rainism, would Rain be flying around in an airplane decorated with an OLD album cover?  Wouldn’t his Rainism persona be on it instead?  Just sayin’.  Sometimes people really need to stop and give something a little thought before just running with the first thing they hear or see.

That is, after all, how a lot of folks got hoaxed by that infamous People photoshopped cover that MBC doctored up strictly for effect in one of their news spots.

Now you would think that folks would wonder, “If it says Johnny Depp: Sexiest Man Alive! then why is Rain on the cover?”  But nope.  They just ran with it and were screaming for days about how People Magazine had bestowed the title on Rain.  (Rain IS one of the sexiest men alive, make no mistake, but that’s beside the point.  I’ve jumped to the wrong conclusions plenty of times myself, so I know how easily it happens.  And the disappointment that comes afterward isn’t a good feeling.)

So, in conclusion, I hope Rain does have his own plane because he probably needs one and he darn sure deserves one.  But until something substantial is shoved up in my face, I’m going to assume he does not.  Let me know if any of you learn differently, so that we’re all in the loop.  Tah for now.

— Stephe ^@@^


Will Rain be doing an English-language album soon?

Well, I don’t know exactly when, and nothing is set in stone… but a little birdie who absolutely should know did mention to me that he believed an English album might be in the works.  (It was the English version of “Love Story” that caught on and went Number 1 across the world.)  And back in early 2009, during a special interview in Seoul, Rain himself said that he was in serious negotiations with a music producer in America.  🙂  What with Rain’s heavy schedule, though, when this album might hit is just about anyone’s guess.

That’s not to say I don’t love Rain singing in his native tongue, or in Japanese, or Mandarin, or anything else.  Matter of fact, I do—tremendously. Mmmhmm…!  But in my opinion, an English album is imperative for Rain to truly succeed as a recording artist in the US—that, and our championing of those songs when they arrive.

So let’s all gear up and be ready.

— Stephe ^@@^


Is it really Raining at Twitter?

Hello, fellow Raindrops.

I hope it’s Raining on you today—wherever you are in the world.

Recently, we’ve been hearing some rumbling in cyberspace about a certain tweeter on Twitter, and whether or not he is who he says he is—Rain.  Since I’m an avid fan of Rain’s and co-founder of, I have been following many tweeters on Twitter who focus on Rain, including the tweeter in question.

The first mention I saw of this purported imposter came from a tweeter who called itself JTCreative6to5:

The problem with this accusation was that neither the JTCreative6to5 account nor the jungihoonrain account were “verified” accounts.  So, I didn’t know who to believe.  Frustrating.

To get to the bottom of this mess, I visited Rain’s official website:, to see if I could get the real scoop from an official source.  What did they have to say about this issue? Well, they said this:

In Hangul:

Which was really helpful, because, gee, I don’t read Hangul.  :/ Okay, so I plug the notice into my “Google Translate,” and I get this in English:

Um.  Okay, so Google Translate isn’t the best translator in the world.  It was better than nothing though, because I was able to get the gist of it.  Here’s a loose translation for you:

“Hello from the Cloud Master:

Rain has received a lot of inquiries as to whether or not he has a Twitter account.

Rain currently does not operate a Twitter account.  Please do not be taken in by unsavory characters impersonating Rain on Twitter.

Thank you.”

So there you have it, folks.   According to Rain’s official website, the tweeter calling himself @jungjihoonrain is an imposter.

This was highly disappointing for those of us who were following and enjoying this imposter’s tweets, because his account was honestly one of the best out there for Rain information.  The good news, though, is I was finally able to verify that the JTCreative6to5 account is a valid account.  At least it is according to the notice below, from 1/15/10:

The Google translation of this page was even worse.  So, I’m not going to bother giving you a screenshot of the English version this time.   Luckily, Stephe found a direct translation of the second notice on

(Thank you, sixtofive1982!  And we agree with you.) So that, I thought, is that.  Or is it?  Hm.

After I signed up as a fan of JTCreative6to5‘s Facebook account and began to read all of the comments, I discovered that there are still some fans out there who believe the person tweeting as jungjihoonrain is really Rain, that  his company doesn’t know everything he does, that he may not have informed them that he has a Twitter account yet, and that this guy, whoever he is, seems to know an awful lot of details about Rain’s schedule and even future plans.

So, what do I say about all this?  I say follow whomever you want and read whatever fan sites you want to read.  However, please keep in mind that any news posted by unvalidated accounts or sites should be considered “gossip” until it is confirmed by an official source.  That’s my take on it, anyway.

What’s your opinion of this cyberstorm?  We’d really like to know.

— Terri :-}


3 Responses to “The word on the street…”

  1. as far as the People’s mag. photoshop pic. i thought the news cast was reporting as a “wish item” for 2010, hahaha didn’t know they were talking about 2009, because everyone who’s interested knows it was Jonny Depp in 2009. Korea news sometimes print and report some over the top stuff. for instance, i recently read that wonder girls was #1 on the US music charts (KBS paper). do you know anything about that?? my first time hearing it. hahahaha, they surpassed Beyonce’ Maxwell, Lady Gaga and everyone else, hahaha un-real. and how about this one. remember all the talk about Rain being a world star by Korean news, before the Rain’s World concerts even started. well, there is an interview Rain had where he talked about that. he said, he didn’t like it, because he hadn’t even done what he needed to do in the US, but they were already saying this about him. that interview also talked about the censorship of his Rainism song. Rain said he had taken the song to the censor board and they approved it for release, but as soon as netizens start to imply that it had sexual overtones, the board made him label the first release for 19+ or something like that. and then the sales doubled, hahahah cause everybody then wanted the orginal one. Korean news kills me, sometimes, but i enjoy reading it, hahahah but seriously, you have to seek out other sources to get the real info. just my take on it.


    • Yeah, I thought the People photoshop was just a fantasy wish thing too, the second I saw it, and it didn’t bother me at all. It’s always fun to dream about what might happen. But it was so WEIRD when people were carrying on with the wrong idea LOL.

      And yes, that seriously sucked when after being approved for release, “Magic Stick” was kept off the air until late at night. Wow. Rain is still pissed off about that, though all of that mess actually helped Rainism sell off the shelves. LOL Served the censors right.

      I just don’t know what to say about the media. Well, I do know what to say, but it isn’t nice. 🙂

      Stephe ^@@^


  2. Terri, i think it’s a big mess. and because a lot of fans are so eager to be in touch with Rain, they quickly fall right into the trap. not only do we have impersonators using his name on twitter, but if you goggle him you will find that so many people have incorpareted his name into their link just so folks will visit there. surfing, trying to find out how far reaching Rain’s influence is, i noticed goggle has in the thousands, links associated with Rain or Jung JiHoon. but that is only because his name is being used by these people. the internet is wide open, and folks do what they want to get exposed i guess. and let’s not leave out even the fans who use his name. what can u do?? looks like everybody wants a piece of the man or some of his popularity for whatever reason. as for the fake twitter, i could be someone who does know him and is doing something they shouldn’t. i hope JTune, since they know about it now will have it investigated. who knows??


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