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Cuteness personified! (in 24 hours… a day…)

Rain 비 [Bi] I love you ~~ [하고 싶었던 말]. [I wanted to say]. From the Rain’s 24 Hours: The Day DVD. (courtesy of rjsarang @YT) — ^@@^


Rain at the CCTV MTV awards in 2005. And having a grand ol’ time. By this time, he had fully established himself as the Master of Exhale, for real. “Ssssssss…ahhhww?” He was actually asking a question right there, at minute 3:15. Heh.

[fan cam] 050724 rain cctv-mtv award-bad guy&raining. (courtesy of corrinna999 @YT)


You don’t see those two things together often (LoR and “Bad Guy”/Nappeun Namja) unless it’s in the concert encore, Tango-style, with red velvet jacket and hot flamenco ladies. But at the tour stop in Seoul, Rain staged an original rendition of his debut song… with a little extra pizzazz and a dance break flow thrown in for kicks.  Love it.

091009 Legend of Rainism in Seoul – Bad boy.  (courtesy of miyupy @YT)


Waaaay back in “Blast from the past” history here, we brought you some broadcast footage from this utterly COOL performance at the MBC’s Songs Festival during the 2008 Christmas/New Year holidays. (Unfortunately, a lot of that—Rain’s Trampoline Dance, Rainism, the dance battle/passing the torch between JYP and Rain—has been scrubbed by YouTube.)

Up to this point, I’ve only seen just that… the MBC TV footage. I had no idea that THERE WERE FAN CAMS of it. My eyes are bugging out right now.

I love raintic. 😀

081231 MBC가요대전 나쁜남자. “Bad Guy,” Partial. (courtesy of raintic @YT)

081231 MBC가요대전 암커밍 BRACK DANCE. “I’m Coming” Dance Break. (courtesy of raintic @YT)


Maybe the name of this event should have been the SOUL Music Festival. Ha.

Enjoy this fan made compilation/condensing of Rain at the summer 2005 Seoul Music Festival.  He’s just showing out.  Oozing charm.  Feeling his Swagger.

Bi/Rain – Seoul Music Festival 23.07.05.  (credit: yoni / courtesy of KutyBerry @YT)


Because you all know I have a REAL WEAKNESS for “No No No.”  You know.

Rain ..I miss you ! ( No No No).  (courtesy of lany68 @YT)


From 2002, Rain versus Rain… and standing in the rain before “Nan.”  WOW.  There will never be another dancer like Rain to cross this Earth.  Nor another singer with that voice.  Ever.  As community member Melanie says: “The man is sex on legs.”

비 vs. 비 Dance Battle, The 2002 KMAs.  (courtesy of ryancolour @YT)


LOR Yoyogi, behind the scenes? Where and when this video takes place is unspecified (the upload date is the 18th as well), so this could be concert preparations backstage this weekend, or dress rehearsals from a different day, or even right before Rain and crew left for the venue.  And in the whole scheme of things, does it really matter?  What is quite obvious here is that it was very recent and our Ji-Hoon was tired but happy, and more than ready to get it on.  (I LOVED seeing some of the crew in their “11 Days” get-up.  Awesome.)

Rain Bi LoR, set to Back To The Basic’s “One.”  (credit: DC / courtesy of ratoka @YT)


During the 2005 Rainy Day concert tour, Korea performance.  Rain is so young.  And SO cocky.  And the way he moves is insane. :)

(courtesy of ceesrain)


» Love Story studio session with » Double Dragon Productions.

» Rain’s World, Los Angeles.

» Na. Legend of Rainism fan cam, Las Vegas, December 2009.  Oh, sisi and RainLegend, if only you knew how much we love you guys…!

» Nan. Legend of Rainism fan cam, Las Vegas.  More RainLegend love.  Aigoo!

» Nan, part 2.  Bringing it on home.

» Six To Five book signings, Summer 2009.

» Best New Actor for I’m a Cyborg But That’s Okay, at the 2007 Baeksang Awards.

» Really, really, really happy to be back with his hometown fans after three long years.  Handshake, Legend of Rainism fan cam, Seoul, September 2009.

» There’s just something about Rain making love to a mic stand… Mm.  Because of You, Legend of Rainism fan cam, Seoul.

» I’m Coming, Rainism, and Love Story. Gayo Daejon end of year show fan cam, December 2008.

» I’m Coming. Legend of Rainism fan cam, Las Vegas.

» Talk about having a good time! And apparently fan cams were allowed after the main concert, seeing as all the security people were being fancammed in the face.  LOL! Legend of Rainism Encore show fan cam, Las Vegas.

» Much love and all credit to fancammers everywhere.  We so love you!  Rainism, LoR Las Vegas fan cam.  Awesome.


Because of You.  Rain devotee Lunaluna made this video back in 2007, for Rain’s birthday.  We must admit, it does give us the warm-and-toasties, not to mention this is one of our favorite songs.  Enjoy.


If this doesn’t make a Cloud smile …we don’t know what will. ^@@^ :)

(source: Kong Sao // courtesy of samwoo288)


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