Commercial Spots

This is only a representation of Rain’s repertoire.  The entire collection would probably require its own area code.  From 2002 to 2011, the man has really been working. 😉

by Stephe ^@@^ @ Cloud USA


Rain’s 45 sec CF for Hainan’s Anchor Ice (aired in China).


Rain’s 30 sec CF for MENtholatum For Men Icy Charcoal Face Wash.

» Rain’s 15 sec CF for MENtholatum For Men Icy Charcoal Face Wash


The Making of Rain’s MENtholatum For Men Skincare.


Rain’s 21 sec CF for 해찬들 (Haechahndle) Red Pepper Paste.

» Rain’s 15 sec CF for Haechahndle.


Rain’s 31 sec CF for the CJ ONE membership card.

(English translation: rain bird @rain-eu.)

Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) : What’s the limit of my ability?

What is ‘Jung Ji Hoon’s one card?

Rain : Becoming the person no one can replace.

Rain : Never stopping challenging the future no matter whether I achieve the goal or not.

Rain : Jung Ji Hoon’s one card is the challenge.

CJ One Card.


Rain and BbaekGa for the Nikon D3100 and D7000.


» Rain “W” Song advertising jingle for SK Telesys.


The Making of Rain’s SK-W900 “Aura” Phone commercial spot in Yokohama, Japan.


New 30sec SK-W900 “Aura” Phone.  Get the Glow.  Be with Aura.

Do you want to be in the spotlight as just one of many?  One in a bunch of lookalikes?  You can be a real star only when there is an aura about you.  RAIN: “Your desire for someone’s attention is one good reason to want ‘W’.”  W… really something with its own shining aura.


New 45sec SK Telesys W800 “Rain” Phone.

(Credit: SK Telesys / Nate / DC / scorpiolabibi @ YT)


SK Telesys W800 “Rain” Phone.

(video courtesy of ratoka @YT / original translation by rain bird @Rain-eu. / loose translation by Stephe)

Firm, rigid jaw.
Six pack.
Classic black suit.
So… why are you using a girl’s cellphone?
“Your need to be a man is why you need the WPhone.”
“Prove you’re man enough with the WPhone, by going metal.  W.”

The making of  the SK WPhone (SK800).

(credit: SK-W / scorpiolabibi @YT)


VITA 500 Energy Drink (2005)


SK Telecom: In A Word!

(Hangeul) Jung Ji-Hoon is a big trend/huge idol these days…

(Hangeul) Jung Ji-Hoon’s very best feature is…?

Rain: “[my] Body?”

(Male voice-over)  “In a word!”


Nature Republic (NEW 2010): White Therapy

A god-like Rain welcomes springtime as it comes to the earth…


Lotte Duty Free (NEW 2010): Classic & Pop, Shall We Lotte?

With renowned cellist Song Young-Hoon…



> Drive = Walk.  Rain, The Fugitive: Plan B, and the Hyundai Sonata

> The Art of Technology 15sec

> The Art of Technology 30sec

> The Art of Technology 38sec

> Fugitive’s Sonata 30sec

> Fugitive’s Sonata 1min


Nature Republic

> The making of White Therapy

> NP 1

> NP 2

> NP 3 & Making

> Making NP 1 & 2



> D3100 10sec

> D7000 30sec

> D7000 20sec

> D7000 15sec

> Great Migrations

> There are two types of people in the world, 3100s & 7000s

> D5000 #4 (47 sec)

> D5000 (30 sec)

> Making of D5000 with fans

> Making of D5000 film #2 (Osaka)

> CoolPix

> CoolPix 2

> Making CoolPix 2

> Reality

> Reality 2

> Reality 3

> Reality 3 News


KB Card

> Leather Style

> Sexy Back

> Star

> Oooh, la la la


Great Korea!

> Great Korea: Bibimbap

> Infinitely Yours

> Infinitely Yours, Seoul #2


(大~한민!국!) “Dae~han-min!-guk!” with Park Ji-Sung.

Video courtesy of ratoka @YT / translation by Cloud USA Forum member Amy of Perth, Australia.  Please credit properly with use.  Thanks!

Reporter : (다시 한 번 16강 진출 가능할까요?) Do you think it’s possible to advance to final 16 once more?

Ji-Sung : (물론 가능하다고 생각을 하고 있고요) “Of course, I think it’s possible.”

Rain : (당연히 가능하죠) “Absolutely, it’s possible.”

Ji-Sung : (다시 한 번) “Once more!”

Rain : (다시 한 번) “Once more!”

Ji-Sung : (2002년의) “Of 2002…”

Rain : (2002년의) “Of 2002…”

Ji-Sung : (영광을) “Its glory…”

Rain : (열정을) “Its passion…”

Rain & Ji-Sung : (재현하겠습니다) “We can revive it.” (Talking about glory and passion.  That’s to say: We hope to revive the glory & passion of 2002 once more.)

Narrator : (이제 더 큰 승리를 향해) Now, we go for the victory.  (다시 한 번) Once more!

Crowds : (大~~~~한민!국!) “Dae~~~~han-min!-guk!  Hoh!”



> X Note’s coming

> X Note

> Black Picasso



> Making of Giordano

> Giordano 2

> Giordano / Her

> Giordano / Her Special

> Making Giordano / Her


Pizza Hut

> Healthy meal


SK Telecom

> I’ve drowned my friends

> Making Drowned

> I’m not eating, I’m in the sauna

> Making I’m not eating

> 2010

> Merry Christmas

> Nate

> Nate outtakes

> Nate Speed OII


Lotte Duty Free, “So I’m Loving You” campaign 2009. Big Bang (to Rain): “Why are you so late?”  Rain: “I stopped by Lotte Duty Free.”  Big Bang gets all excited about that and jumps up to go shopping.


> Ain’t we got fun?

> World Premium for you

> So I’m Loving You (with group JYJ added)

> Shall we Lotte?

> It’s good for you

> Great people, great shop

> Making Duty Free

> Charlotte N



> 1492Miles

> Making of 1492Miles

> Cantavil

> Kenox V4 #2

> Kenox V4

> Scalar Chocolate

> Clinic Clear

> Pepsi

> Tea, anyone?

> XTM Extreme Channel

> Vonin

> O Hui


> DHC 2

> Fam Square

> MiiOW Sports

> Tous Les Jours: Christmas

> Dutch Mill (with a very young Nichkhun, before 2PM)


Rain for Chinese pastry Fu Ma Cakes.

(courtesy of agentpaulette @YT)


Samsung Life Insurance, 2010.  Adorkable!

> The making of Samsung Life

(courtesy of ratoka @YT)




» TU Media Corporation‘s mobile television service (parent company SK Telecom).

(courtesy of sundae1)


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