Our Ji-Hoon inspires many things in his fans.  One of them is art.

Stephe ^@@^ @ Cloud USA


Artist mittilla @Deviant Art drew and shaded and colored this by hand.  (If you compare this with the original cover photograph from FILMAX magazine, there are clever differences in the two.  Wow!)  If mittilla’s creations are any indication, this young art student in Bulgaria has an amazing future and a lot of success ahead.



(Sketch by artist ☆ nao / tip: raimy @The Cloud)


(Black & White sketches and drawings source credits: koreanfashiononline, as signed and tagged)


Created by: RainInTheCloud.

"Rain's World" sketch by RedCloud.

(Hand-drawn and shaded in pencil and charcoal, by Usako99 @RainLegend)

Rain Purplezest’d, Warhol‘d, & Anime’d by Forum moderator Katie (Nottingham, England).

"A Study in Chrome" by member Melanie (Perth, Australia)

"What Shall I Do?" by member Melanie (Perth, Australia)

"Blue-eyed Seoul" by member Katie (Notts, U.K)

"Are you thinking of me?" by member Melanie (Australia)

"B2TB Kaleidoscope" by Melanie (Australia)

"Fineline Rain" by Katie (U.K.)

"Textured Rain" by member Katie (U.K.)

"Rainsycodelic" by member Melanie (Australia)

"He's Coming_Purple" by member Katie (U.K)

"Blacklit Rainism" by member Katie (U.K.)

"Greensleeves" by Melanie (Australia)

"Iridescent Rain" by member Melanie (Australia)

"Warhol'd Rain" by Melanie (Australia)

"Two of You" by member Melanie (Australia)

"Metal Rain" by member Melanie

2 Responses to “CLOUDY DAY: Fan Art”

  1. WOW, this fan art is NICE! Indeed, Rain is quite inspirational in so many ways. LOvE It.



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