Project 도망자 (Runaway): Rain and World Clouds—One World, One Love

» ARTICLE October 1, 2010: 도망자 Plan B Overseas Donation project – Final update (with pictures).


» ARTICLE September 29, 2010: Rain’s overseas fandom gives $10,000 to charity in celebration of the first broadcast of The Fugitive: Plan B


Project Update! (9/20/2010)

Good Neighbors: Collect.  Collaborate.  Change.

I’m nearly speechless with delight.

At the Runaway/Fugitive Plan B press conference planned for the 27th in Seoul, S. Korea, Rain’s overseas fans (which includes us… yes!) will have a banner and garland at the venue… and on the 28th, the overseas fans’ donation of nearly $9,000 will be officially presented to an absolutely wonderful charity, GNI.

I never thought the opportunity for U.S. fans to be involved in such a thing would come this quickly.  It feels so good, friends.  The only thing that would feel better would be to actually touch the little children’s fingers and cheeks and see their smiles in person at that day care center (alas, for me, that cannot happen).

And can you imagine being there with all the other fans, in Seoul, who’ve gathered to watch the premiere of Runaway Plan B?

Please see the latest update on Project 도망자 (Runaway): Rain and World Clouds—One World, One Love from huhuhuhu below.  To everyone who donated in the States and all over the world, and to everyone who could only donate in their hearts, Terri and I can’t thank you enough.  I never dreamed that such a substantial amount would be collected the first time out.  We’ve done so well!

Rain fans united…!

— Stephe ^@@^ and Terri :-}

» A linked trail to our two previous project posts is HERE, as donations are still being accepted through September 24.

Project 도망자 Runaway/Fugitive Donation Update, September 20 (KST)

Received directly from huhuhuhu @Raincloud Hong Kong

Thank you for those who have contributed.  We have remitted 10 million won [$8,615.00 U.S.] into Korea end of last week.  The amount may not be significant, nevertheless it represents our love and support for Rain and our best wishes to him on his drama Fugitive Plan B.

Slightly more than 5 million won has been used to purchase nutrition supplements.

Here are our plans:

  1. 27 September –  Fugitive Plan B press conference.  It has been agreed that we could send in a garland and set up a banner outside the venue.  These will be from world RAIN fans.
  1. 28 September.  Donation will be made to Good Neighbors at one of their child care centers.  Since this is a donation from overseas fans, Good Neighbors hopes we could have representative/s present at the donation (pictures may be taken).  I am sorry this is short notice, but if you are interested in being our representative/s please contact me at  We could help with logistics arrangements.  This could be a good opportunity to stay on to watch Fugitive Plan B on Korean TV screen on 29 September!
  1. 29 September and 30 September.  We want to rally fans to be in Seoul to watch the drama and have a celebration party!  Again, if you are interested, please contact me.  The more the merrier.

There is still time to send in your contribution until Friday 24 September.  By then we will consolidate the final amount and the balance will be donated in cash to Good Neighbors.

Many fans who have donated via paypal have not sent email to  As a result, we were not able to reply to you to acknowledge and to thank you for your donation.  Our thanks to all those who have contributed and hope more fans will support this project.



A Call To Arms

*Please NOTE: This project is not related to the official Cloud Fanclub and J.Tune; it is organized by Rain fans and some of them are official Cloud members.  The official Cloud does know of the project, however, and has no conflicts with it.

Hello, lovely Clouds,

Cloud USA is extremely proud to announce Project 도망자 (Runaway): Rain and World Clouds—One World, One Love.

Project 도망자 (Runaway): Rain and World Clouds—One World, One Love, organized by lovely Cloud huhuhuhu, is a world-wide charitable, fund-raising initiative designed to:

  1. Bring some sunshine to Jung Ji-Hoon’s (Rain’s) and to others’ lives by making a charitable donation to a worthy cause
  2. Congratulate Rain on his comeback to the TV screen with 도망자 (Runaway) Plan B
  3. Counter recent negative news reports by showing the world that Clouds everywhere care about each other and are united in their love and support of Rain

The proceeds of this fundraiser will be donated to Good Neighbors, International (GNI), to support the work they are doing with regard to child abuse prevention and child support and community services.

Founded in 1991, GNI is a non-profit, non-governmental, international, humanitarian and development organization located in Seoul, Korea.  GNI provides a holistic ministry and assists people with every facet of their need.  Much of their effort is spent in helping disadvantaged youth become self-reliant, and they offer assistance to anyone in need, regardless of their race, nationality, religion, ideology, or geographical constraints.  In 1996, GNI became the first international non-governmental organization to receive General Consultative Status, the highest status level, with the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council.  For more information about GNI, please visit their website:

The One World, One Love project team has contacted GNI, and they are delighted to be working with us.  A percentage of the monies received for One World, One Love will be donated directly to GNI, to use as they see fit.  This percentage will be determined once all of the project proceeds are counted.  The rest of the monies donated will be used to purchase nutrition supplements, which also will be donated to GNI, for use in special programs.  The One World, One Love project team has consulted with doctors to recommend suitable supplements and has contacted reputable manufacturers who are willing to offer the supplements to One World, One Love at a wholesale or a good discounted price.

Although it would have been preferable for this to have been an official project of The Cloud, the organizational changes going on there and the quick timing of this project have made such a scenario impossible.  However, The Cloud’s Cloud Master is aware of this project and there is no conflict with it.

To make a donation in support of this project you may do either of the following:

Time is of the essence, because the project coordinators would like to turn in all of the donations to GNI by September 20th, so that the project results can be announced during Runaway’s promotional activities, at the end of the month.  So, please send in your donations as soon as possible.

If you would like more information on the project, or need assistance with making your donation, you may e-mail the One World, One Love project team  at:

Clouds, we can’t think of a better way to tell Rain that we love him than to give back to the world, can you?  So, we’re sending in our donation today.

Can we count on you to do the same?

Terri :-} and Stephe ^@@^

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