MTV Movie Awards 2010

» CLICK HERE for Stephe and Terri’s thanks to every US Cloud, sister Cloud overseas, and hard-working Rain fan who was involved in Rain’s MTV Movie Award odyssey and victory.  We did it!  WE did—all of us.


For footage of Rain’s MTV Movie Award win, please » CLICK HERE and go to our Filmography & Achievements Page.


Soda Bottle 6/8/2010 — The women brought color to the MTV Movie Awards, but the men brought in the fun. Twilight boys Peter Facinelli and Jackson Rathbone were there to accept their awards for New Moon. Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith attended to promote their movie, The Karate Kid. Pretty boys Mark Salling from Glee and Zac Efron from High School Musical showed up to represent their teen groups and shared the red carpet with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and Pauly DelVecchio of Jershey Shore. Casey James from American Idol, as well as Christian Siriano, RAIN, Michael Cera, Mark Wahlberg, Russell Brand, Tom Felton, TI, Tyrese Gibson, Sean Combs, and more were also in attendance. Go guy watching now and click through our slideshow.

[Photos from PR Photos]


Arirang TV’s ShowBiz Extra: Rain’s MTV Journey, in English and English subbed. (courtesy of biblueberry11)


Rain arrives on the MTV Red Carpet before the ceremony, the evening of June 6th.  (Credit: DC Rain Gallery / courtesy of shelleyshea @YT)


[ETA]:  Rain’s bio has been updated, he’s attending the award show,  & everybody please remember to VOTE!  THANKS!

Hello lovely Clouds,

Just wanted to give you an update edit to let you know two things:  Rain’s bio has been updated and it’s time to hit the voting HARD.  We’ve only got a week before the awards show is here.

It is our understanding that Rain has been invited to attend the awards show and that he will be heading to L.A. on June 3rd.  We are so excited that we are going to be able to catch a glimpse of him on our own televisions that we can’t stand ourselves!

Below is a pic of his updated bio for you.

Be sure to visit the Biggest Badass Star page on the Movie Awards site, vote for Rain, and then click on his name to enjoy his bio.

Wishing you many Rainy days,

Terri :-} & Stephe ^@@^


Spread the Word: Rain’s Bio is UP at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards!

Hello lovely Clouds,

I’m so excited!  Every single day I’ve been checking to see whether or not someone would get their act together and send MTV a bio for Rain’s 2010 MTV Movie Award nomination.  Every day, I’d tromp on over to MTV, log in, vote and then check Rain’s name for that magic underline and index finger that would tell me Rain had a bio linked to his name.  And every single day, I was sorely disappointed…

…until TODAY!

After work, I did my thing.  I tromped, voted and all of a sudden:  VOILA!  There it was!  The amazing hand that practically shouted, “CLICK ME.”

So I did.  And this is what I saw:

All I can say is THANK YOU “Rain’s people”–whoever you are.

Not only did we get a bio, but we also got a filmography, some photos and, yes, even some clips of Ninja Assassin and a couple of interviews.  How absofreakin’ cool is that?

Yes, it’s a very small biography–succinct and to the point.  But that appears to be the standard fare over there, so that doesn’t bother me in the slightest.   At least now U.S. fans will be able to read a little SOMETHING about Rain over at  And if they wanna know more, they can always just pop on over to Cloud USA and read everything else about him, right?  :-}

Thanks, Clouds, and big HUGS for making some noise for Rain over at  I truly think you had a LOT to do with his getting a bio up sooner than later.  And for that, I applaud you ALL.

As for  Thank you for finally listening!

To visit his bio for yourself, CLICK HERE, then click on Rain’s name.

Terri :-}



It is finally time, Clouds, to do what we’ve been itching to do—get over to and give Rain a HUGE thumbs-up for his superb portrayal of “Raizo” in Ninja Assassin. Online voting started at noon EST on May 12th, and will go until June 5th. Let’s help our Ji-Hoon get what he so richly deserves: the » 2010 MTV Movie Awards title of Biggest Badass Star. Anyone who has the sheer strength of will to transform himself from stage performer into a zero-percent body fat killing machine, and can hold his own against Sho-sama (a shinto jinen martial arts master and head of his own institute, who has been in practice for 57 years) in any capacity should wear that crown for life. Seriously.

» MTV’s voting page for Biggest Badass Star is now up, and right HERE. The Rain clip they chose is of that unique and ultra-cool Ninja chase through Berlin traffic, something we haven’t seen in a ninja movie until now. We like.


**NOTE: These four pages do need some serious updating, and that will be done in the near future, as soon as we have proper time. They are still a doggone good read, however. So, please enjoy! 🙂 ^@@^


» Rain’s Filmography & Achievements Page

»  His Biography: The Reimagining of Rain

» Rain’s Charitable Causes



In order to vote or comment on their sites, MTV requires that each person log in as a member.  If you are new to MTV, Cloud USA Community member Isilvalie has graciously put together a step-by-step guideline to help smooth out the process of getting signed on there.  If you are already an MTV site member, please do assist others by translating the instructions below into any languages you know and posting them at the forums you visit. Please leave the words that are in “quotations” in English, so it will be easy for people to recognize the website buttons and labels that they will see on the MTV site.

Go to:

1. Click “Sign Up” in the top right corner

2. Type your Email Address in the top box

3. Type a password in the second box

4. Re-type your password in the third “Confirm Password” box

5. Type whatever you want your ID to be in the fourth “Display Name” box

6. Click “Continue”

7. Select your birthday month, day and year in the top “Date of Birth” boxes

8. Choose you country in the “Location” box

9. Click either “Male” or “Female” to select your gender

10. Type the same User ID you typed above (step #5) into the “Profile URL” box

11. Type the “Verification” characters displayed in the grid lines into the white rectangle box

12. Click the tiny box next to “Agreements” to add a check mark

13. You don’t have to check the tiny box next to “Link My Account”

14. Click “Finish”

15. You are now logged in. Under “VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE NOMINEES” click Rain’s picture or click the tiny words “Biggest Badass Star”

16. Scroll down to Rain’s Picture and click the “VOTE” button to the right of his picture

***17. Your vote is finished once there is a check mark beside Rain’s name. DO NOT wait for a submit button—there isn’t one. You are done, and can log off, or you can vote for other people in other categories.

Special thanks to Isilvalie for thinking of her fellow fans, and for her undying support of Rain.

In the immortal words of Raizo himself (and we do mean to sound critical), “Let’s go!”  Let’s finish this strong and bring our Ji-Hoon to Los Angeles.  Not simply because his name is Rain, but because this man has worked hard for this honor and he deserves it.  Aja fighting!

Stephe ^@@^ and Terri :-}



Rain Invited to the MTV Movie Awards.

News source Asia Economy reported on the 28th (Seoul time) that Rain has been invited to attend the 2010 MTV Movie Awards on June 6th, and that he has accepted the invitation.  As we understand it, J.Tune Entertainment stated today, “Rain has been invited from the head office of America’s biggest music channel MTV, so he’ll leave for LA on June 3rd in order to attend 2010 MTV Movie Awards.”

The MTV Movie Awards are in their 19th year, and are a compilation of fun and unusual accolades which have been voted on by many mainstream viewers.  (And that is what makes the award important—the Golden Popcorn statuette does represent what currently has the attention of young America, and also their parents.)

Rain’s portrayal of “Raizo” in the 2009 Warner Bros. movie NINJA ASSASSIN is what snagged him his nomination out of a page full of other hopefuls in the Biggest Badass Star category.  Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, and others didn’t make the cut for the Final Five…

The awards ceremony will take place at the » Gibson Amphitheater.

(Thanks to rain bird and Rain Europe for this timely information!)

Gibson Amphitheater is located in Universal City, California, an unincorporated suburb right outside of Los Angeles.  The word on the street is Rain will be in the States for several days before and after the event, and if that is so, we imagine he will use that time wisely to reconnect with previous contacts, see his American representation, et cetera.  Get your umbrellas ready, California Clouds—it might be Raining on you really soon.  Start planning ahead, Clouds across the nation—Rain should not set foot in L.A. without a host of us there, along with our Cali sisters, to welcome him.  Let’s show him how much we care!

— Stephe ^@@^

11 Responses to “MTV Movie Awards 2010”

  1. I missed MTV in 2010,but I am happy that Rain had won the biggest badass award.To tell the truth I did not see Ninja Assassin in the movies.I bought it after I had seen the movie poster.I saw this man with a black short leather jacket with no shirt and black pants.I saw a part of his nose and his mouth was open screaming with furious anger.And I noticed that he had a long chain with a blade attached to it.It blew my mind.I just had to see the movie.I am glad that I did.Otherwise,I would had missed someone very special.My Angel Warrior.Bright Blessing’s.


  2. mtvnews on twitter is asking who we most want to see at the awards show tonight. let them know we want to see RAIN!!! 😀

    mtvnews Who are you most pumped to see at the #MTVMovieAwards tonight?

    @mtvnews Who are you most pumped to see at the #MTVMovieAwards tonight? can’t wait to see RAIN !!!


  3. for me at least, voting is CLOSED – the ONLY category that still has vote buttons and “VOTING OPEN” banner is “best movie.” good voting, clouds !!!


  4. leave a comment supporting rain as biggest badass:


  5. wasn’t sure where to post this – pic of rain’s seat at theatre posted to mtv site 🙂


  6. hey, isilvalie 😀 thanks so much for researching and sharing this info!

    i’ve been using firefox – it’s inconsistent but it works (sometimes) lolz. i vote, log out, clear cache & cookies, log back in, checkmarks are cleared, vote, repeat. i can get in a good 7-10 votes before suddenly the checkmarks aren’t cleared next time i log in – no matter how many times i clear cookies etc. but then i’ll switch to a new user account and it’s good to go for another few rounds of voting !!!

    i downloaded safari to give it a try. i wasn’t able to log in w/ an email acct – only w/ FB acct. i’m still not 100% convinced that this method via safari is actually working – i WISH we could see numbers to prove that our votes were actually being counted. this seems too easy lolz – no logging in/out, no clearing cache & cookies – we’re assuming it’s working b/c the checkmark gets cleared from next to the category after you go to a different category and vote. i wonder if that’s really a true indication of whether your subsequent votes are actually being counted – or if it’s an issue w/ safari not retaining the checkmarks ??? it would be nice if mtv had a msg that said “we have already counted your vote for this category.” *sigh* i wish we could figure out ONE clear-cut, proven to work, efficient method for voting at the mtv site! for now i’ll try this method via safari for a chunk of time and then go back to voting via my various email accounts using the ol’ log out/clear cookies etc. method – cover my bets !!!


  7. I can’t find any rules posted by MTV about voting so I guess it is OK to vote as many times as we are able to. I searched other star’s forums and their fans didn’t find any rules either.

    I did find a suggestion on one forum saying that you could download different browsers and vote using each one and, if you have multiple email addresses, you can vote with each email in each browser. I tested out three different browsers and it seems as if Safari lets you vote over and over so you can just use that one browser.
    Here are the results of my tests:

    Safari wouldn’t let me login directly at all
    I clicked the Facebook icon in the upper right hand corner and logged in using my Facebook ID
    Safari seems to not save the previous vote once I change categories and I seem to be able to vote over again and again just by voting for a different category in between re-voting for Rain. I don’t have to clear the history, close the window or re-login – very fast

    Google Chrome retains my previous votes whether I login directly or through Facebook, but if I change categories and clear the history then I can go back to the “badass” category and re-login and re-vote (don’t have to close and re-open the browser window – saves time)

    Internet Explorer retains my previous votes and I have to logoff, close the window, re-open the window, clear the history and re-logon plus I have a lot of glitches (not recognizing my login and giving me erroneous login messages). Avoid IE, if possible.

    I haven’t tested Firefox – anyone have any ideas about that one?
    I talked to someone in the Phillipines who is using Firefax and she said it works well like Safari.


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