DramaMVs, Trailers, Short Films & Photo Shoots


Movie Blockbuster: Soar Into The Sun, set for release in Summer 2012

TV Drama: The Fugitive: Plan B (2010)




Ninja Assassin (2009) (courtesy of theMovietrail)

Speed Racer (2008) (courtesy of nx610)

I’m A Cyborg But That’s OK (2006) (courtesy of nickgirl85)



TV DRAMA Music Videos

The Fugitive: Plan B (2010). The most famous private detective in Asia and a woman from a murdered family battle the man who killed her relatives for a lost cache of gold.

A Love To Kill (2005). A tortured young K-1 fighter reinvents himself as a bodyguard to take revenge on the famous starlet he holds responsible for his older brother’s tragic fate.

SangDoo, Let’s Go To School! (2003) A young man sells himself as a gigolo in order to pay for the hospital treatments that are keeping his baby daughter alive… and tries to find love again with a long lost soul mate.

Full House (2004). A trusting young woman is duped into losing everything by friends, and finds herself in a marriage of convenience with the famous young movie star who happens to buy her house.




[car ad] BMW Meets Truth. 2006. A young man fights to rescue a childhood sweetheart. (With Arabic subtitles, courtesy of Famulan87)

[phone ad] Any Dream / Samsung. 2008. You got served, Korea-style. (courtesy of MsMerra)

[phone ad] Memory In My Hand or Hand Note or Shou Ji, by Pantech-China. 2006. When a young fan gets blinded at an event, a superstar tries to make it right. (courtesy of webvam)



The Best of Rain’s PHOTO SHOOTS

A small representation of Rain’s vast book of work.

For ELLE China Magazine, in the summer of 2010, while Rain was in the midst of The Fugitive: Plan B filming. (courtesy of maruborarainish @YT)

For the cover of the Back To The Basic mini-album that dropped April 1, 2010.  Thanks for finding this, Diva!  (Rain 비 [Bi] Back to the basic.  Courtesy of rjsarang @YT)

Six To Five Fashion, which Rain designed and launched himself in 2009. (090300 Bi Rain Six to Five SpringSummer Photoshoot. Courtesy of dsl99a @YT)

From RAINY DAY Season 1 footage in 2008, Rain’s Nature Republic shooting in Australia.  (credit and edit: 3asian/625pocky @YT)

Also from RAINY DAY Season 1 footage in 2008, Rain’s photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar Korea.  (credit and edit: 3asian/0625pocky @YT)

Harper’s Bazaar (2008).  (presented by Rain Eternity Brazil)

Uno Magazine (2004).  (presented by AlwaysLoveRain)

Vol. 3 It’s Raining album (2004). (presented by dallydoodledoo)

O HUI Skincare for Men (2006).

DOHC Fashion (2005).

» Elite (2002)

» TBJ Fashion (2005)

» Pantech (2006)

» Korea Oppa Japan (2005)

Cosmopolitan (2003). (courtesy of maruborarain2)

ZIOZIA 2003 Spring Summer Collection. (courtesy of eye0rain)

ZIOZIA Autograph session in Busan. (courtesy of eye0rain)

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