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6 Responses to “junk_mail_mailbox”

  1. Does Jung Ji-Hoon have a Director Manager, I can reach at this address? I want to send a “Journey Quilt”, 140cm x 176cm, to Rain, with well wishes and homage to his late mother. Please reply only by email. mch


  2. thanks a lot…will send very soon


  3. Just wanted to find out how to send gifts..ex: a decoration from our island? .. or where we can send them to.?


    • Hi there. 🙂 You can send cards and gifts to Rain’s administrative office at this address:

      Rain (Jung Ji Hoon)
      JF Company
      Postal code: 135-954
      5/F 78-12 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
      South Korea

      Rainy Entertainment changed its name to JF Company back in January this year.

      Stephe ^@@^


  4. Mmmmm I’m truly fans of your I see you as my spacial star and mine charming luck


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