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There is a lot out there in other languages, but Rain news in English is still hard to come by.  Hopefully, in the future, that will change.

*PLEASE Note: There are both videos AND article links on this page, so be sure to scroll all the way down and enjoy!

— Stephe ^@@^ @ Cloud USA


[Rain (Bi) News]110620 Rain interview_Flight Close to The Sun. (source: MBC News / courtesy of DC / ratoka @YT)

(brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

Rain : Now I’ve got to know how hard fighter pilots work on this. Their dedication to their work is so admirable.

‘So Yun Young’ who is the stand-in for Rain in the movie and a major in the Air Force belonging to the 17th combat wing: Rain is very tall and handsome, I love to see him work hard, and his positive attitude to try to understand the appreciation of Air Force pilots’ lives rings in my heart.


From PUB‘s admin channel on YouTube, 6/6/11:

“Popular Korean star, Rain, was in Singapore for his Best 2011 Asia concert tour. The 28 year old was in a jovial mood during the press conference held on 21 May 2011, at the Marina Bay Sands.

Midway through the press conference, our adorable mascot, Water Wally, made a surprise appearance, much to the delight of Rain and the local media. An advocate for environment preservation, Rain has been encouraging everyone to use water wisely and to protect our water resources and Water Wally wanted to thank him for his efforts.

After a quick exchange of superstar hugs, Water Wally welcomed Rain as a Friend of Water and presented him with a certificate for his efforts towards the water cause.”

Highlights of Korean pop star, RAIN’s press conference in Singapore. (Credit: pubwebadmin @YT)


Rain, Vogler, German Clouds, and the Dresden Music Festival showcased on German TV at the end of May 2011!

[ENG SUB] Bi (Rain) on German Television. (courtesy of keksdoseMV01 @YT)


Rain’s April 2011 TIME 100 Gala journey from KBSWorld‘s point of view. They finally uploaded their English-subbed clip of Rain traveling to New York. (KBS’s in Korea was released ages ago.) And so here it is. [Star Date]. (Credit: KBSWorld / kbsworld @YT)


ETN’s coverage of Rain’s Gangnam-gu honorary ambassadorship presentation, which happened at the Gangnam District offices on May 6, 2011. You can see a written English translation of the video HERE.

(source: ETN / courtesy of ratoka @YT)


Rain is interviewed backstage at his Petronas Grand Prix post-race concert by E!News Asia’s Dominic Lau, April 10, 2011.

Rain’s interview for E!NewsAsia at Sepang,Malaysia. (credit : hoddylim @ YT)


April 2011: Rain’s arrival at Lincoln Center in New York City, as one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People for 2011, comes at around the :24 second mark, right after Carmelo Anthony. ^@@^ TIME 100 Gala Red Carpet. (Credit: WillingToBeLucky @YT / feat. Amy Poehler, Carmelo Anthony, Rain (Jung Ji-Hoon), Darren Criss, Anna Kendrick, Brian Williams, Mark Wahlberg, Seth Myers, Chris Colfer, and Blake Lively.)


Rain and the filming of The Fugitive: Plan B on ArirangWorld.  We’ve seen this before ( » The gun between the legs should have made the cut! ), but now Arirang has done their own report on the footage in English.  And who in their right mind would complain about having to watch THESE visuals again anyway?  Hmm?  *crickets* So enjoy, all…!


Rain at the 2010 G20/Asia Song Festival around October 23, 2010, as covered by SSTV, who was in Tha House.  Enjoy this compilation of the highlights of the performance by the Man and the Men.  S-w-e-e-t.

(Credit: SSTV / courtesy of rainbox625)


In this news clip, Arirang, Korea’s Global TV, features Rain in its “Korean celebs who grace the world stage” segment.  In English, and English-subbed. It just tickles us to no end that everyone across the planet freely uses the word “badass” more times a day now than they probably say “hello.”  (Even non-English speakers.)  And it’s all our fault. 😀

(Credit: Cloud Taiwan / courtesy of biblueberry06 @YT)


A “clever” television spot… Biggest Bad-ARSE Star.

(courtesy of clevverTV)


KBS World revisits Rain’s win at the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles, June 2010.

(credit: kbsworld)


Arirang ShowBiz Extra covers Back To The Basic autograph events in Seoul, May 2010.

(credit & edit: biblueberry06 @YT / courtesy of scorpiola)


An in-depth analysis of 비 Rain.  Arirang, Korea’s global TV, gets up close and personal in this report from November 2009.  The footage hits many important spots: Legend of Rainism, Ninja Assassin, Rain’s global ambassadorship, SixToFive, CNN interviews, et cetera.  You even get to meet the boys of MBLAQ.  So sit down with your favorite beverage and enjoy. — ^@@^

(In English, with subtitles.  Courtesy of arirangworld.)


Rain takes a quick break from the Legend of Rainism tour and participates in the CT&T Electric Cars event at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2009.

(brief translation courtesy of rain bird // video courtesy of kiyorain)

MC : World star Rain has participated in this significant event for CT&T. Here is world star Rain, who is working as the publicity ambassador for CT&T’s electric vehicles.

Rain : I’d like to thank all of you for attending this event. I’ve heard that CT&T has succeeded in developing the world’s first electric vehicles which have an environment-friendly factor.

Since this brand has basically originated in Korea, I’ve willingly come to participate in this show to encourage and support them as the same Korean as they are.

I hope you to love CT&T’s electric vehicles concerned with the environment a lot. I’m very proud of such achievement concerned with the environment, and they look very wonderful.


» Rain To Release Own Song ‘Busan Woman’ For His Fans (KBS Global 8/16/2011)

» Pop star Rain, Richard Gere to do a project together (The Manila Bulletin 8/8/2011)

» Rain Wins Lawsuit Against “Fugitive: Plan B” Production Company (KBS Global 8/8/2011)


» Rain has his own MENtholatum channel on Tudou (Cloud USA, the official MENtholatum MicroBlog 6/22/2011)

» Has another incarnation of Rain’s “Sudden Attack” character been born? (Cloud USA 6/22/2011)

» Rain signs with Hainan Asia Pacific Brewery, a part of Heineken International (Cloud USA, Hainan Daily 6/21/2011)

» Ninja Assassin on 20th Century’s top ten ninja movies list (Cloud USA, ComicMix 6/18/2011)

» To his Clouds, he wants “to be their Rain they are always proud of.” (June 2011 LOTTE Global Lifestyle Magazine 6/17/2011)

» Rain in MCM for Men’s Uno (MCM Worldwide Blog 6/17/2011)

» Men’s Uno HK: Rain stands before them successful, confident, and mature (Cloud USA 6/15/2011)

» Rain made great strides in advertising this past year (Cloud USA, Allkpop 6/13/2011)

» Rain at MCM London, on the Style Slicker blog (The Style Slicker Blog 6/10/2011)

» Rain poses with Shin Se-gyeong on movie set (10Asia 6/10/2011)

» The complete Rain music video collection (MTV K 6/6/2011)

» Rain Dubbed K-Pop’s Hottest Summer Body! (MTV K 6/6/2011)

» Revisiting 2010: Once an MTV Movie Badass, always a Badass (Cloud USA 6/5/2011)

» Rain to become a free agent before military service begins (HelloKPop 6/2/2011)

» Rain’s libelers indicted: What goes around, comes around, partner (Cloud USA, Rain’s Twitter, Kuki News 6/1/2011)

» MCM on Rain’s autographed collection and Hong Kong appearance (MCM Worldwide Blog, MCM Korea’s Twitter 6/1/2011)


» Rain & Jan Vogler – ‘East-Meets-West’ (MCM Worldwide Blog 5/31/2011)

» Hot Dude Of The Day: Rain Travels Around The World With Dapper MCM Accessories (MTV Style Blog 5/30/2011)

» Dresden Music Festival 2011: Rain & Jan Vogler/Interview with Jan Vogler – Dresden, Germany (YAM Magazine 5/24/2011)

» “THE BEST” 2011 Rain Asia Tour in Singapore Concert (KSnaps.SG/Singapore 5/24/2011)

» Clap Between Movements, I Dare You: In Dresden, Ojai, Minneapolis and Saint Paul (Huffpost Arts/The Huffington Post, NY 5/24/2011)

» “THE BEST” 2011 Rain Asia Tour in Singapore Press Conference (KSnaps.SG/Singapore 5/24/2011)

» The Hoonie was feeling good (HanCinema 5/22/2011)

» Performing is Rain’s biggest love (XinMSN Entertainment 5/22/2011)

» Spectacular European Debut of Rain, in a joint concert with Jan Vogler (Dresden Music Festival home page 5/20/2011)

» Dresden fascinated by Rain’s performance, the crowd kept on clamoring for an encore (Yonhap News 5/20/2011)

» Pop meets classical music in Music Festival (Cloud USA, Mein Dresden 5/20/2011)

» Asia-pop meets classical: Interview with Jan Vogler and Rain at the Music Festival (Cloud USA, DNN Online 5/19/2011)

» MCM talks about having Rain at the Dresden Music Festival (MCM Worldwide Blog 5/19/2011)

» This year marks the 34th Dresden Music Festival (MCM Worldwide Blog 5/18/2011)

» Exclusive MCM cello case for Vogler to be unveiled during his “Pop Meets Classics” concert with Rain (Cloud USA, MCM Worldwide Blog 5/17/2011)

» Stephe’s Take: The Rest of the Story (Cloud USA 5/16/2011)

» Terri’s Take: The Rest of the Story (Cloud USA 5/16/2011)

» Muffler check: “Red Muffler” script supervisor has high hopes for Rain’s new movie (Cloud USA 5/15/2011)

»  More on new global agency UAM (United Asia Management) (Cloud USA, HanCinema 5/13/2011)

» Rain bringing “My Girl” to BEST Singapore? (Cloud USA, AsiaOne News 5/13/2011)

» Before being a ninja assassin, Rain was a fighter of wind (Cloud USA 5/11/2011)

» [online talk radio] The Mary & Tracy Show hosts cover Rain in their Important People series (Cloud USA, 5/6/2011)

» [images] More of Rain’s lecture at Dong Seoul National U (Naver, 5/4/2011)

» Rain gives surprise lecture to students at Dong Seoul University (Koreaboo, 5/4/2011)

» Rain named an honorary ambassador for Seoul’s Gangnam-gu (Asia Economy/Nate News 5/3/2011)

» Rain to hold joint concert with German cellist Jan Vogler (10Asia 5/2/2011)


» Dear Editor: Time 100 Readers Speak (Cloud USA 4/30/2011)

» Influential Rain series: Rain, Chris Colfer, and other young people shouted-out by MTV Act (Cloud USA, MTV ACT 4/30/2011)

» TIME 100 Gala: Rain (Chanee Vijay, {me}longings 4/28/2011)

» Rain to make it rain (Pollstar, 4/27/2011)

» Rain: ‘I Am Encouraged by Being Included in ‘Time 100’ Again’ (KBS Global 4/27/2011)

» Time & Rain: Terri’s Take (Cloud USA 4/23/2011)

» Rain becomes the first Asian to be twice picked as TIME’s top 100 most influential entertainers in the world (Asia Economy, Korea Economy, Nate News 4/22/2011)

» Rain chosen as influential person by TIME Magazine (10asia 4/22/2011)

» Newsflash: Rain has not won the TIME poll three years in a row. He has topped it (Cloud USA 4/21/2011)

» JYP (Park JinYoung) isn’t drama Dream High’s only connection to Rain (Cloud USA, KOCCA 4/19/2011)

» Rain and Red Muffler featured in Republic of Korea Active Air Force military magazine for April (ROKAF Active Air Force Magazine 4/19/2011)

» Rain in Next Media Animation’s cartoon news (TIME News Feed 4/19/2011)

» 2006-2011: Rain’s TIME line on has been quite eventful (Cloud USA 4/16/2011)

» Korean Pop Star Rain Wins TIME 100 Poll — Again (TIME News Feed 4/15/2011)

» Rain to be included in the 2011 TIME 100 Most Influential People special issue (Cloud USA 4/15/2011)

» MTV Buzz asks People Magazine: Where is Rain? Jared? Katy? (Cloud USA, MTV Buzzworthy Blog 4/14/2011)

» Rain looks forward to enlistment, confident of retaining superstar status (Cloud USA, Channel News Asia 4/14/2011)

» Rain shoots a CF for skincare brand Mentholatum China (Allkpop 4/12/2011)

» Rain stops by Team Lotus’ garage at the Malaysia Grand Prix (Cloud USA 4/10/2011)

» Time Magazine Says This Week’s Conversation Included RAIN (Cloud USA 4/9/2011)

» Rain files suit for unpaid wages from The Fugitive: Plan B (HelloKPop 4/9/2011)

» Korea’s Top Agencies Combine Their Powers (Cloud USA, KBS Global, HanCinema 4/8/2011)

» Time and Rain: A Love Story (Cloud USA, The Atlantic Wire 4/6/2011)

» Rain #1 On Online Votes For Times Top 100 (KBS Global 4/5/2011)

» [review] I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK scores an 8.5 out of 10 (Nether Regions 4/5/2011)

» Rain has been nominated as one of the Time 100 for the sixth year in a row (SPN Nate News, 4/5/2011)

» It’s that TIME again: Rain up for TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential (various media 4/4/2011)

» Rain lands in MTV USA’s headlines of the week (Cloud USA, MTV Style 4/1/2011)

» Death on the horizon: A ninja’s revenge (Cloud USA, 4/1/2011)


» Ne-Yo spotted at JYP Building, to collaborate with JYP Nation? (HelloKPop 3/30/2011)

» Rain and J.VJQ president teach us about “dotting the eyes.” (Cloud USA 3/30/2011)

» Hot Dude Of The Day: More Rain Photos. Now With Less Clothing. More Gratuitousness. Yeeeah… (MTV USA Style 3/28/2011)

» New endorser #2: J.VJQ v-onface has a new face — Rain (Cloud USA, TV Edaily 3/26/2011)

» Kim Tae Woo talks about his brotherly bonds with Rain & J.Y. Park (AllKPop 3/23/2011)

» Rain offers words of encouragement to Japanese earthquake victims (Star News 3/22/2011)

» Rain passes Red Muffler High-G Testing/Training with Flying Colors (Cloud USA, HelloKPop 3/19/2011)

» Preparations begin for the F1 Grand Prix and Rain’s performance in Malaysia (The Star Online 3/19/2011)

» Rain takes the pilot’s seat in Red Scarf (Dramabeans 3/18/2011)

» Hot Dude Of The Day: Rain Shines On ‘Esquire Korea’ Cover (MTV USA Style 3/17/2011)

» Rain & company shoot first scene of Red Muffler (HelloKPop 3/17/2011)

» Rain and Sohn Dam Bi to Participate in ‘Pattaya Music Festival’ in Thailand (KBS Global 3/16/2011)

» Rain will attend Pataya International Music Festival as a representative of Korea, with female singer ‘Son Dahm Bi’ (Osen/Nate News 3/14/2011)

» UCLA Lecture Invitation: Ninjas and superheroes. Korean TV dramas and RAIN (Cloud USA 3/12/2011)

» Rain received the highest marks in his Red Muffler training (Star News, 3/12/2011)

» Get your special tickets for F1 Race and Rain concert at Fahrenheit 88 today (Sepang International Circuit 3/11/2011)

» He’s finally put on the Red Scarf! (Cloud USA, Air Force News 3/11/2011)

» Rain chosen as honorary ambassador in China (Manila Bulletin 3/3/2011)


» Rain and Sin Se-kyeong “The Red Muffler – 2011″ extreme casting (HanCinema 2/28/2011)

» Rain included on Forbes Korea’s Top 40 power celebrity list ( 2/25/2011)

» Rain is a Topman (Cloud USA 2/25/2011)

» Red Muffler starring Rain will be filmed on location in his father’s hometown (Newsen 2/24/2011)

» More on Being A Man: Rain covers and is featured by Esquire Vol. 186, coming in March (Cloud USA 2/18/2011)

» Rain bags Seoul Art and Culture Award (The Manila Bulletin 2/17/2011)

» Rain takes pictures with dance team (10asia 2/16/2011)

» Rain, Jeon Do-yeon, and Lee Beom-soo to Win at Seoul 2011 Art Awards (HanCinema 2/16/2011)

» Rain, Girls’ Generation, Lee Beom-soo to receive arts & culture award (10asia 2/15/2011)

» Here’s to more Korean talent starring in Hollywood movies! (HanCinema 2/12/2011)

» More cast members join Rain’s Red Scarf (Dramabeans 2/12/2011)

» Rain will struggle for success as an Asian actor in U.S. market after leaving the army (Cloud USA, Yonhap News, Nate News 2/12/2011)

» Rain goes to Switzerland to support Cartier (HelloKPop 2/11/2011)

» Rain has two tunes in Gaon Chart’s Top 100 Songs of 2010 (Cloud USA 2/10/2011)

» “The Red Muffler – 2011” Rain and Sin Se-kyeong VS “The Professionals” Kim Yoon-seok and Jeon Ji-hyeon (HanCinema 2/9/2011)

» Rain wins World Star Grand Prize, will perform at the Seoul 2011 Art Awards ceremony (Cloud USA 2/9/2011)

» I agree! Rain would make a great Hero For Hire (Cloud USA 2/8/2011)

» Rain to shine in war-set melodrama (Cloud USA, Film Business Asia 2/7/2011)

» Rain’s Hottest Hustler spot included in MTV’s Style headlines (Cloud USA 2/1/2011)


» Rain’s fan club organizes its own society for its regular support of Africa’s children (Sports Hankook 1/31/2011)

» Jay Chou thinks Asian actors working in Hollywood films is inspiring (Khmer Magazine—Cambodia 1/19/2011)

» MTV USA Style: The Hottest Hustler of the Day–Korean cutie Rain (Cloud USA, 1/19/2011)

» The day Switzerland was twice as sweet… Rain invited to the SIHH (Cloud USA 1/19/2011)

» Rain to endorse China’s Mentholatum for Men cosmetics line (Cloud USA, HelloKPop 1/19/2011)

» Rain helps MBLAQ with dance moves (10asia 1/13/2011)

» [Exclusive] “Rain’s Coming” Lead Dancer Menina Fortunato Speaks—And Cloud USA Listens (Cloud USA 1/11/2011)

» March Music Forecast: Rain (City Weekend Beijing 1/7/2011)

» The Fugitive Plan B…Flawed but enjoyable, with a brilliant lead actor (Cloud USA, DramaFever 1/5/2011)

» Rain to hit Beijing (CRI—China Radio International 1/5/2011)

» Rain to release new album this year (10asia 1/3/2011)


» Rain cleared of embezzlement charges (10asia 12/31/2010)

» Rain to enter army next year, a time a self-reflection (KBS Global 12/29/2010)

» JYPE becomes the largest shareholder of Rain’s agency (10asia 12/27/2010)

» May 2010: Ninja Assassin trailer nominated for a Golden Trailer in L.A. (Cloud USA 12/18/2010)

» TVCF reports that Rain appeared in 21 ads this year (Cloud USA, The Dong-A Ilbo 12/18/2010)

» Rain and the reconstruction of Korean masculinity studied by author/researcher Sun Jung (Cloud USA, 10asia 12/9/2010)

» Korean actors making headway in Hollywood (The Charlotte Examiner 12/8/2010)

» Fugitive: Plan B to air in Japan in April next year (10asia 12/8/2010)

» Rain wraps up Fugitive Plan B: So what’s next? (KBS Global 12/7/2010)

» Korean Wave continues to sweep Asia ( 12/2/2010)

» Including Rain, the leading cast members of The Fugitive: Plan B stand together, doing volunteer work (Daily Sports 12/1/2010)


» (Kill Bill) Black Mamba Vs. Ninja Assassin (Raizo): Knife Fight (The Miami Examiner 11/30/2010)

» Rain to perform 3 hit songs for the closing ceremony of the 2010 Asian Games (Cloud USA, AFP, Yahoo! News Canada, France24, Yemen Gateway, The Jakarta Post, The Bangkok Post 11/26/2010)

» Ninja Assassin and The Warrior’s Way: Can We Get Our Facts Straight? Seriously! (Cloud USA 11/23/2010)

» Rain said to be A-List Star in America (Cloud USA, allkpop 11/17/2010)

» Drama ratings remain in a holding pattern (Cloud USA, 10asia 11/12/2010)

» Rain and MBLAQ included in 10asia’s first Idol encyclopedia (Cloud USA 11/11/2010)

» [Cloud USA editorial] Sharks In The Water (11/9/2010)

» Rain and NaYoung selected as TV’s quirkiest couple (Cloud USA, 11/8/2010)


» Rain comes to DramaFever with Runaway: Plan B (Cloud USA, DramaFever Blog 10/14/2010)

» Rain and Lee SeungGi: Two of South Korea’s successful singer-actors (Cloud USA, Yonhap News 10/10/2010)

» William Choi gives his views on Rain’s blossoming Hollywood career (Cloud USA, 10/11/2010)

» Runaway/Fugitive original soundtrack available internationally (Cloud USA, 10/9/2010)

» Rain’s “Fugitive” to begin airing on local, cable, and satellite TV in the U.S. (Cloud USA, 10/8/2010)

» What does 20% mean, exactly? KBSWORLDi answers (Cloud USA, 10/6/2010)

» Broadcasters in Taiwan and the Philippines have bought Fugitive rights (Cloud USA, 10/6/2010)

» Rain’s “Fugitive: Plan B” zooms to 2nd in ratings (The Manila Bulletin, 10/1/2010)


» Rain’s “Fugitive” outruns competitors in a breeze (10asia, 9/30/2010)

» Rain says he’s done a lifetime’s worth of running for Fugitive (Cloud USA/10asia, 9/27/2010)


» Rain is the most influential star in Korea for two years running, according to Sisa Journal (Cloud USA/Sisa Journal, 8/19/2010)

» It’s Raining No. 2 on AOL Radio’s Top 10 K-Pop Songs (Cloud USA, 8/17/2010)

» The Hollywood Road/ELLE is crazy for him (Cloud USA/ELLE Magazine, 8/16/2010)


» Rain Shines On Shanghai (Femina Magazine, 7/24/2010)

» MTV Spotted: Rain creates a stir in China (Cloud USA/MTV Spotted!, 7/29/2010)

» Angelina Jolie compliments Rain and South Korea (Cloud USA/The Korea Times, 7/28/2010)

» Rain and Stallone: Close, but no cigar (Cloud USA, 7/17/2010)

» MTV’s World Cup of Rock: South Korea is your champion! (Cloud USA/MTV Newsroom Blog, 7/12/2010)

» The Rise and rise of Rainism (TESL Korea News, 7/1/2010)


» Happy Birthday, Rain! (, 6/25/2010)

» Karate Kid: Marketing Move for Korea is Rain (The Spokane Examiner, 6/20/2010)

» South Korea’s secret weapon in the MTV World Cup of Rock is… Rain (Cloud USA, 6/11/2010)

» Rain on SODA POP: The Men of the MTV Movie Awards (Cloud USA, 6/9/2010)

» Rain makes a splash with his MTV win (JoongAng Daily, 6/8/2010)

» MTV names Rain Biggest Badass Star (Korea Times, 6/7/2010)

» Rain on the Washington Post’s award slideshow (Cloud USA, 6/7/2010)

» Rain triumphs at the MTV Movie Awards (Manilla Bulletin, 6/7/2010)

» Popcorn, anyone? Rain is MTV’s Biggest Badass Star of 2010 (Cloud USA, 6/7/2010)

» Rain wins MTV Movie Award for Biggest Badass Star (, 6/7/2010)

» Angelina Jolie, Rain battle for Biggest Badass Star at MTV Movie Awards (, 6/5/2010)

» Like It, Love It, Gotta Have It: Who Should Win the MTV Movie Awards (Express Night Out, 6/2/2010)

» Rain, Drake Score Summer Songs 2010 Write-in Votes (, 6/1/2010)


» Pop Icon Rain Showcases Photos in Exhibition (Chosun Ilbo, 3/15/2010)


» Rain to release a special album in April (Allkpop 2/19/2010)

» Green Globes Film Awards face-off between Rain, Takeshi Kaneshiro, and Jackie Chan (PR Newswire, 2/18/2010)

» Full House to be aired in South America (Yonhap News Agency, 2/9/2010)


» Rain’s Visit To Taiwan Paralyzes Airport (Korea Times, 1/30/2010)

» South Korea’s Rain Cleared In US Concert Dispute (Entertainment Daily, 1/29/2010)

» Rain’s MBLAQ Gaining Popularity In Japan (Asianbite, 1/27/2010)

» UMG Partners With Korean K-Pop Firm (, 1/5/2010)

» Court says singer Rain not responsible for canceled U.S. concerts (Yonhap News, 1/28/2010)

» Rain’s close friend, Koyote rapper Bbaek-Ga, had surgery on the 22nd to remove his brain tumor. Things are looking good concerning his recovery.  The day had to be a hard one for Rain, who couldn’t stay in town and had to fly out for his LoR Tour performances in Osaka, Japan.  (Korea Times, 1/22/2010)


» Bbaek-Ga diagnosed while serving in the army… Rain: “He is strong and he will overcome” (KBS Global, 12/31/2009)

» Rain performs at sold-out show in Las Vegas… (MTV Newsroom, 12/28/2009.  »And HERE IS HIS MTV PIC that goes with this article.  Thanks for the tip-off, and Jay@Rain-USA)

» Rain is in the forecast for Indonesia… (JoongAng Daily, 12/3/2009)


» From Asian Pop Star to Ninja Assassin (CNN, 11/25/2009)

» Keep Trying To Make Your Dream Come True (KBS Global, 11/23/2009)

» Rain’s New Film Kicks It Into High Gear (JoongAng Daily, 11/13/2009)

» Legend of Rainism to Rock US in December (Korea Times, 11/5/2009)

» Rain Talks Hallyu, Song, and Movie (Korea Times, 10/29/2009)

» Rain’s Knee Injury Not Serious. Yikes.  He could have crippled himself coming off of that freakin’ mid-level trampoline… (KBS Global, September 12, 2009)

» Seoul Goodwill Ambassadors Take Part in Charity Auction (Chosun Ilbo, 7/28/2009)


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